Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What you said in 2008 19-21

Another "sandwich" here. :) (I honestly did not set these up this way... my list of my fav's of '08 is all completely random). Here are the two bloggers who I have known longer than most of the other bloggers that I know, sandwiching the blogger who probably has the most "different" (in a good way) blog out of all those that I read (that's a compliment, LivingSword)!

I met both Bino and "In Christ Alone" through the Grace Walk Forum, in my B.B. years (Before Blogging). Another interesting side note that I just realized - there are two Canadians here, and one from India (living in the U.S.).

19. Approval Addiction - Overcoming (Branch of Vine - Bino M. - 4/23/08)
20. Martin Luther: Indulgences (Life on the Blade - LivingSword - 2/17/08)
21. Peace! (nightwatch - In Christ Alone - 7/25/08)

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