Thursday, January 15, 2009

If global warming is really man-made...

...then I wish those guys would get to work!

Ha ha! (OK, the above comment was a joke! No need for any political comments here...) :)

That's the actual temperature here in Waterloo, Iowa, today at 7am. -23ºF (-30ºC)! But no worries... We're gonna warm up today to a toasty high of -6ºF (-21ºC)! The image is of my Yahoo! Weather Widget, and it's set against my desktop's background pic --- a tiny tropical island. :)


  1. Update at 8:30am... It now says -24, with an expected high of -8!

  2. Compared to the (-6°F) here, you seems to be in a cold place! :)

    Do you wanna take up a fight against 'GLOBAL COOLING' and possibly win a 'Nobel price for peace'? :)

  3. It is currently 29F in TN...I think you may have an arguement for Global is suppose to be 4 tonight....I thought we lived in the south?!!

  4. We just cracked our expected high of the day. It's -7 right now! A heatwave is coming tomorrow and the next day... 11 tomorrow, 23 Saturday! Break out the swim suits!

    Yeah, global cooling. Well, at least U.S. cooling. :) Looks like a good portion of the country is running well below "normal."

    Bino, thanks for the link! Yeah, I was out there snow-blowing the other day, long before it got down to -24, but yet when it was below zero. When I came inside I could see that my legs were beet red, after only 15 minutes out there! So really it's not just uncomfortable; it really can be dangerous!

  5. We had 80 degrees in Texas last week. It's a little cooler now with highs in the 60's. Winter is a great time to live in Texas. Summer not so much.

  6. It snowed not long ago in Las Vegas. I guess hell did freeze over?


  7. I've said it before on this blog, and it's very true that I really, really love getting the fullness of all four seasons here in Iowa. I like stepping outside in the summer in shorts and a t-shirt, but I also like bundling up and crunching out in the snow in the winter, and taking in huge breaths of that fresh cold air. But these last few days are not what it's about for me... :)