Friday, January 09, 2009

A dog's first snow of the season

A coworker of my wife sent this. A dog's reaction to the first snow of the season. Wow... talk about lots of snow! Light and fluffy snow is usually not all that fun (can't build snowmen) (although it does makes clearing it a lot easier), but with this much snow and a dog this size, how could it not be fun!


  1. That was great .....

    I must admit when I first read your post, I read the first sentence as "A cow-orker of my wife sent this". I though USA had a new occupation on the farms. :)

    We have been watching the USA weather with interest, and oh my goodness, ours is MILD in comparison.


  2. That makes even me want to go play in the snow....

  3. Ahahahahaha!!! I love it!!

    One year, Ryan surprised me with a "baby" for Christmas; he was a huge half-Arab/half-Saddlebred yearling! His first snow was just a light dusting but he was HILARIOUS! He snorted; he pawed; he enjoyed being "terrified"! Finally, he rolled in it as if to say, "HA! You don't scare ME!"

    Thanks, Joel for reminding me of good memories.

  4. I've passed this around at work; everybody loves it and has gotten good laugh.

    Thanks for sharing it!


  5. Lennart,

    Yeah, a cow orker. Don't you know what that is???

    Oh, neither do I! LOL :)

    Yes, our last two winters, at least here in the midwest, have been filled with fun and adventure. hehehe. Lots of snow and ice. Much more ice this year, already, compared to last year.


    I suppose you're not getting as much (or any?) snow down there as you were used to here???!!!


    What a cool present! The best present I ever got that had anything to do with a dog was fake dog poop! =D Anyway, I'm glad this brought some great memories for ya!


    I've passed this around to others as well... it's really been fun for a lotta people!