Monday, January 26, 2009

A couple of items about The Shack

1) Paul Young posted a link to this via his Myspace page (and I would guess in other places as well). If The Shack has affected you, Good Morning America wants to know. They're asking people to upload videos of themselves describing how The Shack has affected their lives, or reading a favorite passage from the book.

2) Over the course of a few days, James over at Idle musings of a bookseller has posted a few quotes from the book. Check out his last one, entitled "Rules!" (and while on his blog, check out the past ones too).

The whole quoted section on that post is good, but here's the bottom line: "It is true that relationships are a whole lot messier than rules, but rules will never give you answers to the deep questions of the heart and they will never love you."


Related: Free Spirit's pithy blog post from today entitled "Religion is Resorted To..."


  1. The section I quoted is good, but it actually goes even further and talks about religion being all about control, versus grace being about letting Christ live.


  2. Aww... thanks Joel!

    Now THIS one rocks!!! :)

    And, I almost missed it - accidently left and had to come back.


  3. James... awesome. That's some good stuff. There are a lot of things like that in the book that I'd like to reread.

    Free Spirit... You're welcome. :) Your blog post fit right in.