Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Anyone want some SNOW???

Apparently RJW has an affinity for snow... which is easy to say when you live in the southeast! And on my Facebook account I see several people from the south and southeast talking about and posting pictures of snow. Um, you guys don't have a clue what snow is!! Well anyway, if y'all want some more, come and get it!!! Pretty soon, we won't have anywhere else to go with it!

The fence running along our driveway

Our back yard, between the house and garage

Taken with my cell phone - a parking lot in Waverly (20 miles from here), divided in two by the plowed snow
(notice how it's almost as tall as the building behind it!)


  1. Snow in Iowa? Pshaw!

    try snow in northern Michigan where it gets so deep that the snow plows get stuck and have to have other snow plows pull 'em out. Snow stays in your yard until May.

    THAT'S snow!

  2. Huh ...ummmm

    And you live there 'cause you want to, 'cause you have to, or becsaue you was born there?

    Get map, put you finger on you town, move it DOWN. Can you feel it getting warmer?


  3. Howdy y'all,

    Arthur, I don't recall if you've commented here before, so welcome!

    Yeah, there are a few others from Michigan who frequent my blog, and I frequent theirs, and I'm sure they'll agree with you about how the snow here in Iowa doesn't compare to that in Michigan! Having snow plows pull out other snow plows is something I've yet to see here. :)


    Actually, I like all of this. I've said it before plenty of times, that I really love the fullness of all four seasons here in Iowa. We get it all in full doses, and I love it!

    I was mainly giving all my friends in the south a hard time. It's just something I have to do. They say they want it, but could they really deal with it if they got it??? ;)

  4. WE HAVE SNOW!!! YIPPEE!!! Thanks Joel for FINALLY sending some our way! :)

    And yes the Governor has declared a state of emergency!! LOL

  5. I dono looks like Joel might have something there Arthur... I'm in Traverse city and I don't see anything that makes me wanna trade places. LOL

    ps. read a little from your profile and blog, hey you've found a solid grace place here so hope to be seeing more of ya.


  6. I'll take a bucket or two so we can have a snoball fight. We had a few flakes fall this evening. Just enough to tease us.

  7. Snow emergency... LOL! Check out the video that's posted here. The whole thing is funny, but check out what the lady on the phone says between approx. 2:20 and 2:45 on the video. (It relates to this). :)

    Most of our snow this year hasn't been good snowball snow. It's been too light and fluffy (although of course that makes it much easier to clear away). But one time in particular is was the wetter, heavier kind, and that was some good snowball fight snow, and good snowman snow as well!

  8. "I love Jesus but I drink a little..." LOL! Thanks, Joel.

  9. RJW... yeah it's a funny one. :) I like how the lady on the phone said, "Austin, Texas had a little bit of ice and two flakes of snow, and they shut the whole city down... the local news, they showed an icicle hanging off a fella's roof to his house, and that was the big news here in Austin, Texas..."

    Phil... When I lived in England for four years as a boy, we got very little snow. We did go sledding a time or two, but to do that we had to go into the hills or mountains somewhere. I don't remember exactly where we did that. We lived in Stockport, so I'd guess it was somewhere near there, unless it was while we were on holiday somewhere.

  10. I live in Stockport, up in the hills (near glossop) and ours is covered, obviously nothing like in the pics above, but its the most snow I've ever seen in my life (Im 22). I cant even get my car out its cos the snows literally above my bumpers, dont get any snow plows or gritters coming up my road. If they do, they come after the snow has melted and just dump a small pile of grit at the top of the driveway.

  11. Chippo,

    Glossop doesn't ring a bell for me, but I'm looking on Google Maps and I do see that the terrain is hilly there. That's quite possibly the area that I remember from my childhood. I also see Black Hill near there, and that sounds somewhat familiar. Dunno... it was too long ago!

    The amount of snow that you're talking about currently is more than I can ever remember when I was there. Mind you, I was only there for four years so my experience with winters there is limited.