Thursday, January 15, 2009

A 99 degree change in temperature in a matter of hours!

From this story at
Passengers flying in to Cedar Rapids Thursday knew they were in for a rude awakening.

"It was funny because when we got on the plane the pilot was like, yeah, we'll be landing in Cedar Rapids at 11:00 and it's gonna be negative 30," said Mount Mercy student Jimmy Scroggins. "And I was just like 'Negative thirty'!"

Scroggins was returning from the 70-degree sunshine of Phoenix for the spring semester at Mount Mercy.
The story is about Cedar Rapids (less than an hour south of here) experiencing their coldest day ever, today. The actual temperature was -29º. Can you imagine leaving a place that is 70º and arriving in another place that is -29º!!!


  1. Joel,

    Joel - My brother and family are traveling tomorrow from India to Detroit. In India current daytime temperature is 89°F and guess what in Detroit -14°F :)
    But they are not transferred to this temp in few hours, their total flight is over 20 hrs!

    But I just called them gave them some warning about what to expect when they land here :)

  2. Bino,

    Wow... what a "culture shock" that will be! LOL I hope they're bringing warm coats. Otherwise you'll have to do a little shopping before they arrive. :)

    Too bad it's not the other way around... with you going there. This would be a great time of the year to get out of dodge!

    Hope you have a great time with your brother and his family!