Friday, December 19, 2008

Where the blog...

So where the blog have I been lately!!! I'm used to posting pretty frequently but lately my posts have been 'few and far between' --- whatever that means!

Well, for one I spent this morning digging out of the nine inches of snow we got overnight! And I'll tell you the truth... I LOVE it! I really do - I'm not kidding, exaggerating or trying to act 'nice' about it. I really love the snow! There's just something about getting my Spirit snow blower out and just plowing through the stuff! And as for my job - driving - I'm not exactly a "daredevil," but I generally love driving through the stuff as well! There have been times when I'd rather be off the road, but overall I dig it.

I've been busy with a few other things as well, but I guess the main reason I'm posting this particular blog is to point to a couple of other blog posts that have had some really good conversations going on in the comments section (see links below). There have been some agreements and some disagreements... and that's all great! I don't mind disagreements, especially when people can talk things out without getting upset and angry, and I think that's what's been going on in these two posts.

Here are the links to the two posts that I'm talking about. If you're interested, please take some time to read through the comments. There are so many good things said by various people!

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  1. oh Joel, this makes me so happy!! I LOVE the snow too and it warms my heart to hear that others are like me. For some reason, here in Vermont, many people I encounter hate snow. It is just so sad to me... to not enjoy a part of God's Creation that is just so beautiful! Since it comes with our climate, why not enjoy it?? Many move south in the winters after retirement; I'm not sure I will be one of them!

  2. It was 72 here yesterday; anyone for golf??? :)


  3. Joel,
    I'm so glad you are enjoying the snow! I have seen the clips on the National News of the various snowstorms across the U.S! Neat stuff! May you enjoy shoveling, sledding, making snowmen, snowball fights...everything snow-related, my friend!

    Last week, we received quite a bit of rain. In fact, we received more rain in three days, than in the past 9 months! Ha! Today, fortunately, it is sunny out. It will probably reach around 62 or so for a high. Still a bit "nippy" for us Arizonans, but I cannot complain whatsoever. It's the sunshine that I love and warms my soul.

    Anyways, I'm so glad you are enjoying the snow. I can most certainly see how it makes this Christmas holiday all the more festive.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Joel!

    ~Amy :)

  4. Joel, stop over anytime and bring your Spirit.


  5. Arjay Dubya ain't lyin'. It's been spring time here...Until Monday anyway. It'll be back down in the 40s during the day and 20's at night...As it should be for Christmas.

  6. Hi Joel! How about forgetting the snow blower and "work" the sanctifying shovel! You don't need that treadmill that graciously moves your legs for you when you can work up a good sweat on your own!!!! I love ya bro!!!!!

    Penn State Fan

    P.S. This is all in fun!!!! Merry Christmas!

  7. Cathy,

    Yeah, I love the crunch of walking through the snow, and I love sitting there sipping on some nice hot cocoa or coffee, just watching it snow.

    People here are the same as what you said about people in Vermont. They hate it! I was listening to the national news on the radio today, and they interviewed a woman from Cedar Rapids (just south of here), and she said kind of glumly, "It's Iowa, what you gonna do?" Kind of like, "we picked this place to live, I guess we'll have to put up with it."

    Well, I guess that's true, but I'd rather not simply 'put up with it.' I'd rather enjoy it as much as I can.

    I will say, however, that last winter it did end up wearing me out a bit! We had snow and ice - and lots of it - from November all the way to April! Much more than 'normal.'

    But overall, I'm lovin' it!

    Arjay Dubya,

    The snow has to be a really, really wet snow in order to pack it hard enough to make a golf ball! LOL We use our golf courses for sledding this time of year.


    Yes! We're definitely not going to worry about whether or not this Christmas will be a White Christmas! The snow really does add to the whole "spirit" of things! Last year we drove down to my parents' in Missouri during Christmas. As we left here, snow was everywhere. But the further we got down south, the less and less snow we saw, and by the time we got to my parents', there was no snow! In fact, their grass was still green in places! We just don't get that kind of weather here.


    My Spirit seems like it wants to die. My Spirit has been so good to us ever since 1999, but now in its tenth winter I think it's wanting to call it quits. However, I'm gonna give it all it's got!


    We've had enough snow lately, that even in the bitter cold I've worked up quite a sweat even with the snow blower! But yeah, I actually do like to use the shovel at times. There's something about the sound of the shovel that I like, kind of fitting in with the overall "snow" thing that I'm fond of.

    Merry Christmas to you too... and to all!

  8. I can't wait till ya get the card I sent...

    Ohhh it's gonna be soooo delicious...

    Happy Holidays All

  9. ps. Oh and don't feel bad I'm not into guilt manipulation,,,,,

    but it's never to late to reply with cookies....

  10. Leonard, just go to my website, I think it leaves a cookie on your computer. Have a great big byte!

  11. Joel, I've been wondering where you've been lately. Of course, I've been out of the loop myself as you can tell by how far behind I am in commenting on some blogs.

    Matthew already gave you our weather report. We've been having some rain but it looks like that may be gone with some cold coming back in but as he pointed out cold for us will be about 40 degrees but with the wind it feels a lot colder. Brrr!

  12. Aida,

    Yeah I'm really, really behind, not just on my own blog but on reading other blogs as well. I'm mostly able to skim the other ones and I've starred a few that I'd like to go back and comment on if/when I get the time.

    40 degrees would be a true heat wave here! That's 51º more than what it was at 9am this morning!

  13. Joel,

    I'm going to need time with that one.


    40º is a heat wave, send some up here to Northern MI.

    Joel, You didn't tell me to use the numbers on the right side of the key board to get the º symbol, it took me a minute to figure out what I was doing wrong.


  14. Leo Roe... Oops... I guess I always use the keypad when typing numbers so I didn't realize it couldn't be done with the numbers on the regular part of the keyboard!

  15. Would you stop interrupting me, I was deep in thought trying to think of a cookie come back, I think I may have burned a circuit, and now my brain hurts...

  16. So go have a cookie and a glass of milk, relax a little, and maybe you'll come up with something. =)

  17. Hey Joel,
    Sorry for your snow-blowing woes. I'm not sure if it's better or worse than nose-blowing woes. But, here's to ya!

    Leonard, you're making me laugh, even over here! Quit it already!! :)

  18. Usually when I'm done snow-blowing I have to do some nose-blowing, but then it's all over with. Ahhh.

    Matthew... It seems I missed your comment earlier! I don't think I got an email notification. Weird! Sorry! I wondered what Aida meant when she said you'd already given a weather report. LOL. Anyway, about an hour ago I was looking at the temp on my Yahoo Weather Widget, and it said -14º! Right now we're at a much more comfortable -8.