Friday, December 05, 2008

The invisible man ;)

Ok, so smarty pants Leonard posted A day in Joels life, showing a print screen of my Yahoo status as "Idle." Well, the reason I was idle on Yahoo was because, well, you know I was busy running around somewhere doing the Lord's work, being about my Father's business, of course!

So anyway, Leonard always tells me I shouldn't give him ammo... but yet HE keeps giving ME ammo! The image below is the same print screen he posted, only with an additional highlight... ;)

For a better view click the picture.


  1. Query: But is it really a 'Day in Joel's Life'?

    a) Col 3.3-4
    b) Gal 2.20
    c) Rom 6.6

    p.s - The answer isn't always 'b' as some of those foolish Galatians who might have bewitched you in the past to believe.

  2. You guys are cracking me up!!

  3. Hey! Look again in Leo-dear's inbox!! Leonard is Better Than We Know!!! :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. By the way, I'm thinking about changing my Yahoo name to "American." Then Leonard, you could print the screen that says, "American Idle." ;)

    WC, are you trying to tell me that the life I live isn't even my own??????

    RJW, on a serious note... really... In the short time that I've known Leonard, that is so very true!

    Free Spirit, I'm sure we'll find ways to keep the laughs coming. :)

  5. So is the answer always 'B'?

    Yes and no.

    Mostly no. But if I entitle a blog post, "The answer is always B," then the answer is always B.

    Unless the Window clipboard messes up and doesn't paste the verse from my PC Study Bible correctly. In that case, the answer might not be A, B OR C.

    But that never happens. At least not so far...

  6. Ok this thread made me laugh out very loudly and that seldom happens anymore. You guys are way too weird and yet I feel a strange attraction to that. Family "blood" lines run deep, I guess. Keep up the hijinks keeps us coming back for more.

    In Him,

  7. ICA,

    Here's to much more fun and weirdness in the future! :)

  8. Sounds like Life to me...
    Grace all.
    Best to You's

  9. ps. Leonard good, Joel bad, don't trust Joel....

  10. I like your first response better. "Life." Don't call me good or bad... just say I have "life." =)

  11. 13 said,
    Were only talking Joke's and sword play, Love ya Bro.


  12. Right on, right on! :) And all the love right back at ya as well.

  13. Ha Ha... Actually when I saw Leonard's post about your 'idleness', I noticed his 'invisibility' but I kept quiet :) But now that you exploited it... Thanks for the good laughs, you guys! :)

    Sometimes I don't like the yahoo messenger automatic status changing, it doesn't let me act busy while I am not. LOL!

  14. Yeah, they really should have a setting that changes to "- working really hard" when you're really reading blogs or playing games. =D