Sunday, December 07, 2008

Doing Doesn't Make Us Who We Are - It Flows From Who We Are

Latest Growing in Grace program is ready for downloading/listening. The good works we do - the "doing" of the Christian life - are not done to score points with God or to maintain our good standing with God. Our good works don't make us who we are (and they don't disqualify us from who we are). Rather, in Christ we are a new creation - righteous and holy - and as we become more and more established in this truth, our "doing" becomes the natural outflow of who we are.


  1. Hey... nice site! I found one of my favorite childhood cartoons there. Hair Bear Bunch!

  2. See folks, here's a great example, I try and one up the guy, and he winds up enjoying it.

    Insert Dr. Evil voice here.>> " You just don't get it do you Joel".

    Oh well a good friend once warned me,"Grace always wins".

    Best and abundant Life to all your house.