Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sale on Grace Walk resources through December

Just a heads up to anyone who's interested. Via the Grace Walk mailing list I received an email the other day saying that all of Steve McVey's materials on the Resources section of the Grace Walk site are available at a 20-50% discount through December. Check out the site for confirmation on which items are discounted.

One of the current deals that I see on the site that I highly recommend is the bundle of Grace Walk, Grace Rules and Grace Amazing for $24 (three books for the price of 2). By the way, I'm not a paid salesman for any of this! I simply wholeheartedly believe that this bundle (or any of the other resources) would be a wonderful gift to give to others or to have for yourself if you don't already.

By the way, I have an edition of the book Grace Amazing under its former title, Grace Land (so it's a 'collectors edition' hehehe)... and the bidding starts at $400. Ha ha... just kidding!


  1. Hey's Thanksgiving and I just turned the "Big Ten" channel on and guess what's on? The re-run of the Penn State/Iowa game?????? I can't stand it!!!!!!!!!!!! Grace, grace, grace grace!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Hey, wow, thanks for the heads up on that. I just got home from T-day at the relatives and I'm tired and I think I'm gonna veg out in front of the TV and watch the end. Not that that helps you any... :-o

    But yeah, grace, grace, grace all the way around, no matter what!