Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hammered Dulcimer

This post might just be for me alone, but I really like the sound that comes from this instrument.

Heaven (Bryan Adams' song)


  1. Brother Joel,

    I loved the way Rich Mullins used it in his music!

    Peace to you brother,
    From the Middle East

  2. Yes, me too! I have a blog post scheduled to post tonight that has two songs on which he plays the hammered dulcimer. Hearing a Third Day song yesterday, on which Rich played it (the song will be on my post later) is what got me thinking about this. He sure was a pro on that instrument!

  3. This comes from a man who admits liking Pat Boone's "metal" songs. ;-)

  4. You'll never find me staying on the same page for too long when it comes to my musical tastes! =)

  5. They had these awesome instruments at the Renaissance Festival this year! I love them.

  6. Me too!! I love this instrument!! My hubs can play at least one song on any instrument in the whole world, and he can play a lovely Christmas tune on the dulcimer........( I think Julie has one of these!)

    Ever heard of a bowed sultry.............that's lovely too!!

  7. Matthew,

    I don't think I've ever seen one 'in real life.' :) I think a concert would be wonderful, or even just being there in a room while someone plays one.


    Wow... that's pretty cool! I pretty much play two instruments: I can play Chopsticks on the piano and I can play the kazoo!

  8. Thanks for this Joel. Such a beautiful sound! Mystical and magical, like from a fairy tale. Makes me want to hear more!

  9. Maureen,

    I agree, it's so very beautiful. I spent a little bit of time on youtube with the search phrase 'hammered dulcimer.' Lots of great stuff out there!