Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Tithe Series

I'm simply listing the 10 parts to my series on The Tithe from a month ago for easy reference.

Part 1 First Things First - setting a proper foundation for looking at "the tithe"

Part 2 More than one tithe; Abram's tithe; Tithing not a "type" for new covenant giving

Part 3 To repeat - plural tithes; Mandatory tithes; Leviticus

Part 4 Important info about the Levites; Deuteronomy 12

Part 5 Deuteronomy 14

Part 6 Deuteronomy 26, 2 Chronicles, Nehemiah, What is the 'Storehouse?'; Malachi

Part 7 New Testament mentions of tithing - Matthew 23; Luke 11; Hebrews 7 - Explanation of Abram's tithe

Part 8 Separating the Old Covenant from the New Covenant; a NEW priesthood; we are all priests; a spiritual house; one body; New Covenant church pastors and leader are NOT equivalent AT ALL to the Old Covenant Levite tribe and Levite priests

Part 9 Giving; Giving cheerfully; Everybody's finances are NOT the same; Giving in many different ways

Part 10 God does not need us to give (God doesn't need ANYTHING from us!); a sweet smelling aroma; not duty or obligation, but giving by grace


  1. Joel--Thanks for posting this! God is actually requiring me to tithe my reading of this series, so I'm only reading Part 7...

  2. Don't you know you're supposed to give your ALL!?!? Which means not only reading the whole series, but meditating upon it and going out and being a witness to it!


    But really, if you're going to read only one part, Part 7 is my favorite. :)

  3. I'm going to forsake assembly!!!


  4. WC,

    Forsaking the assembly is fine. Just make sure you send your tithe to ME before my holier-than-thou-brother-from-another-mother-in-a-parallel-universe, the Extra Very Reverend J. Slick Breeze gets his hands on it...

  5. That should read... "before he gets his greasy paws on it..." ;)

  6. Came across your site a few days ago and wanted to post this for you ... I pray that it encourages your spirit.


    - Charles R. Solomon

    My Savior to Calv'ry went
    Vict'ry o'er Satan to win.
    With bonds of love He drew me,
    His Blood cleanses all my sin.

    He bids me yield Him my all (Rom. 12:1)
    That my mind He may renew. (Rom. 12:2)
    Transformed by His mighty pow'r,
    That my life He may live through.

    Since I am risen with Christ--(Col.3:1)
    Affections on things above, (Col.3:2)
    The Lord Jesus is my life; (Col.3:4)
    My life's hid with Him in Love. (Col.3:3)

    My Savior, my Lord, my Life;
    Worthy of glory and praise.
    So long as He gives me breath,
    The Cross's banner I'll raise.

    Revive us again, O Lord; (Hab. 3:2)
    Come in the midst of the years.
    Break us from the pride of self;
    Make good use of all our tears.

    Worthy the Lamb that was slain (Rev. 5:12,13)
    Of honor, glory and pow'r;
    Get blessing Yourself, O Lord;
    Come, meet us this very hour.


    I am crucified with Christ
    And yet He lives in me;
    I'm crucified to the world
    That Jesus the world may see.

  7. Andy, welcome, and thanks for sharing. There are some wonderful words there, showing how it's His death, burial and resurrection (life) that we identify with.