Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Recklessly Extravagant"

Prodigal - "Recklessly Extravagant"

I don't think I've ever heard the word "prodigal" defined that way, but check out these couple of posts over at Idle Musings of a Bookseller that quote from Timothy Keller's book The Prodigal God. Great stuff!

The Prodigal God
The elder brother


  1. Joel,
    Thanks for the links to these two! The Prodigal God sounds like a great book with the excerpts included in those posts. Thanks for the recommendation.

    ("P.S." I have sooo many books to read! Hee hee!)

    ~Amy :)

  2. Amy,

    I have way too many to read as well, and the sad thing is I'm not much of a book reader. There are so many book I want to read, but I have a hard time sitting still for long enough to read for any length of time. :) But, somehow I've at least read parts of a lot of great books!

  3. Free Spirit,

    I saw that you commented over there. I really enjoyed those posts.