Friday, October 24, 2008

Mind's Eye

In my mind I can see Your face
Your love pours down in a shower of grace
Some people tell me that You're just a dream
My faith is the evidence of things unseen...

DC Talk - Mind's Eye


  1. Wow, you brought back memories, I used to listen to DCTalk back in high school! Was this an oldie or a newie? They don't sound quite like I remember.

  2. Joel,
    Ah...yes. I also listened to DC Talk back in the 80's. Good stuff. Thanks for this nostalgic post.

    If you can, my friend, please drop into my blogpage today and post a comment for my "Birthday Blog." Thanks oodles!

    ~Amy :)

  3. Joel, totally off topic but who is the girl who does the intro to your Growing in Grace podcasts?

  4. Lydia,

    Yes, this brought back some good memories for me too! I've been a DC Talk fan for a long time. I think this was probably recorded in the late 90's, although I'm not quite sure. I think their last album, Intermission: The Greatest Hits, came out around the year 2000. But if it's really just an "intermission," then I've been sitting here in my seat for far too long, waiting for them to get on with the show! LOL. I think what happened was the individual members went off and did their own things and have simply enjoyed their own solo careers.


    Happy Birthday! I visited your blog earlier today but didn't have time to leave a comment. I'll drop on by in just a bit!


    She is a friend of me and Mike, who used to work at the radio station that we also worked at. I think Mike simply came up with a 'script' and she voluntarily recorded it for him. Little did she know that she'd still be our intro and outro voice 3 1/2 years and 160+ shows later!

  5. I know you guys love doing the podcast. I love it. You guys are hilarious...But I hope you're not gettin' liquored up anymore as I heard tell on Amy's blog. Tut, tut, tut...What would Rev. Slick Breeze say? You shoulda been sendin' in that liquor money to the ministry!

  6. Matthew,

    I try to put the liquor away at least 5 minutes before we begin recording our programs. LOL! ;)

    Remember, that story I shared on Amy's blog is from half my life ago! My holier-than-thou- twin-brother-from-another-mother- in-a-parallel-universe, the Extra Very Rev. J. Slick Breeze, hadn't yet come across to this dimension. (Thank goodness for that... That's probably what kept me from going head long into religion and legalism!)

  7. Joel,
    Matthew is a fine one to talk; he was laughing like a hyena over my "tail envy"!!! Savannah said the whole store could hear us! ;)

    He is a closet Grace drunk, obviously!

  8. I think the first grace drunks were the people at the wedding when Jesus turned the water into some apparently really good wine!

    Hey... as Matthew said in a comment on your blog, someone is going to have to elaborate on the whole tiger tail thing! :)