Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's someone's birthday!

October 14 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHEW!!! - From all your buddies all over the internet! MANY happy returns of the day!

Matthew, it's been great to get to know you over the past year or so. You've become a great friend and you're an inspiration with all the honest and transparent words that you share about yourself and your walk in the grace of God, and as you greatly encourage all of us in God's love and grace.

You are loved, brother. Hope your day is wonderful!


  1. .........GEE, I didn't know it was Matt's Birthday, heehee!!

    Blessings on you Matt!!

  2. Matthew, who???

    Oh, that crazy, bungee jumping guy! ;)

    That Grace guy; jeeesh.

    Love ya Matt!

  3. I'm getting ambushed with the love of Jesus today!!! LOL

    Thank you, Joel. It's been wonderful to know you, my brother. You played a major role in coming to grace. Without your blog I probably wouldn't have continued in it. You gave me more and more revelation on who God really is and gave me courage to continue in His grace. You and Brian were my lifeline from God! He can use anything. "Grace Roots" is correct. That's exactly what you gave me. My roots in grace.

  4. Amen!! Ditto that Joel for me to Matthew as well and a hearty Happy B-day:-)