Thursday, October 09, 2008

Green bananas

The other day I was sitting in the waiting area of a mega-church office, waiting to meet with the senior pastor, and I got a bad taste in my mouth as I saw someone walk by peeling a banana - a very, very GREEN banana! I got the jitters as sort of a "sympathy taste" crept into in my mouth as I anticipated this man taking the first bite. Other people in the office noticed it too, and began giving this person a hard time about eating a such a green banana. I commented, "I think I saw a sign on that banana that says, 'Do Not Eat Until Christmas.'" ;)

(I admit that I can't take credit for the comment, because just a couple of weeks ago I saw a green banana sitting on a desk in the Materials department at work and someone had jokingly written that on the banana. I simply seized this opportunity to use the line!)


  1. Joel,
    You are smart!
    I am proud of you :)

  2. LOL! Quick thinking to use the line though. ;)

    I hate green bananas. I love bananas. They're wonderful in Kashi cereal.

  3. LOL guys. Yeah, it's been over a week since I saw the guy peel the banana and I can still 'feel' the bad taste in my mouth... ;)

    I love bananas in cereal too! And I finally tried some Kashi cereal. A store had it on sale for 2/$5 so I bought 2 and then went back and bought 2 more after I tried it and liked it.