Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Do your best and let God do the rest?

Do we realize how silly this sounds???!!!

What is "our best" to God, but filthy, stinking rags?

What do you suppose He does with "our best?"


  1. WC,

    Unfortunately you get an "F" on this one, because it's an ESSAY question. ;)

  2. we are holy because he is holy, we are righteous because of his righteousness. What makes anyone think we can be or do anything at our best without God?

    1. God knows when we have done our best. You have to trust him. And he will HELP not take you all the way there but push you along. All people have a storm in there life Jesus is still there and loves you but it is for your own good.Jesus didn't create the storms sin did. That day you didn't forgive that person or "borrowed" something without asking.

  3. My Essay response:

    "the Devil made me DO it!"

    Resting comfortably, WC

  4. Angela,

    Indeed in our new identity in Christ, in which we have been given His righteousness as a gift, "our best" is now a matter of His righteousness at work in us.


    You scoundrel. Resting comfortably while everyone else is struggling and striving to make the Christian life work! It's as if you think you live in Him and He in you or something...!

  5. Jesus Loves You!

  6. Doing the best comes from doing/giving things the heart, it does not refer to men's quality of standard.