Sunday, September 28, 2008

They that wait upon the Lord... ;)

A woman who loved donuts was trying to lose weight, so she stopped going to the donut store every morning. However, she still had to drive by the store on the way to work every day.

One day, the store owner began displaying donuts in the window as a way to try to lure people into his store. The woman drove by and was tempted to go in.

She decided the best thing to do would be to pray. "Lord if it's your will for me to go into the donut store and have a donut, let there be a parking spot open right in front of the store."

Well, sure enough there was a parking spot open right in front of the store. And, bless God, she only had to drive around the parking lot eight times for that to happen!



  1. LOL!!!! That is hilarious!! I love donuts but I don't allow myself to have them..

    Glazed Krispy Kreams with chocolate icing and sprinkles...Sweet 16 powdered donuts...Ok, I need to stop now...

  2. Allways a good read but,,,,

    That was no Lady, it was me, and I only had to circle the lot 7 times...

  3. I don't allow myself donuts either, Matthew, except when I give into temptation... like this morning, Leonard, when it was me as well. :)

    I stopped at the convenience store to get a cup of coffee and a newspaper. Suddenly I heard the donuts calling out my name - but I walked right past them in an initial victory and said, "Ha!" I thought instead I'd get myself some of the fruit that they have for 3/$1.19. Well, a couple of times around the store - again, all in the name of coffee and a paper - and I found myself reaching into the donut cabinet and grabbing myself a creme filled long john!

    Battle lost, but the war ain't over yet... :-D

  4. Joel,
    Ha ha ha! Loved this! :)

    ~Amy :)