Sunday, September 28, 2008

I am the Resurrection and the Life...

...He who believes in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live.

Got to admit, this one sends shivers up and down my spine (cheesy "voice of Jesus" aside). :)

Carman - Lazarus


  1. Was that Jesus, or Darth Vader???

    That is cheesy--but powerful. Think of it. The Lazarus story tells us so much about the Lord. His love, compassion, tenderness, and his raw, unlimited power. And, he's at work in us and for us!

    That's reason to rejoice...

  2. Concerning cheesy voice, don't know if you ever listened to much Zappa, but that's what I thougth of! Especially at the end.

    Good stuff, though. Do you know how old that is?

  3. Richard,

    Yep... I don't know why people need to make the voice of God "serious" or deep or scary or anything like that... LOL.

    But yeah, the story of Lazarus is an awesome one, and I like how it's dramatized in this song.


    Yep, and Carman rules OREC. hehehe! I had thought about writing a quick little 'Carman disclaimer' with these two videos, but in the end I thought I'd post them for the baby and not the bathwater. :)


    I think I used to hear a Zappa song or two on Dr. Demento way back in the day, but the main thing I remember from him was Valley Girl with his daughter Moon Unit. ;) Other than that, I can't really recall his voice. I may look up some songs on youtube to jog my musical memory.

    I think this Lazarus song is from either the late 80's or early 90's. I first heard it when I started working in Christian radio in 1994, and I'm pretty sure we played it right off of the Comin' On Strong record but I don't know for sure what year that came out.

  4. Our 20 year old grew up for a while with Carman's Addicted To Jesus CD and "Gospel Bill" video's...and although they weren't Grace per se; they got a lot of gospel in her.
    We look at all this stuff and think,"YIKES!" but you know we were all doing the best we could. Growing in grace is just that: growing. It's like parenting; you do the best you can at the time with the understanding you have. No instruction manual comes out with the baby!
    We are grateful that God holds us and keeps us and IS FAITHFUL to grow us up; even if we have our goofy stages! :)

  5. RJW,

    I got into Carman for a while too, in the 90's. Kind of like you say, you work with what you've got. :) After coming to grow in grace a little, I became turned off by Carman (and a lot of other Christian music), although I stayed in Christian radio until just 2 1/2 years ago. There is a little bit of good stuff in the CCM world, but so much of it is poison, in my opinion!

    That said, even in the midst of the poison I still find some good nuggets that I don't necessarily want to throw away.

  6. Truthfully, we don't listen to, read, or watch much "Christian" stuff. The vast majority doesn't "get it", so we preach Grace, like you, in our little corner of the world. And give out a lot of books!!!

    You're audience is a little bigger, I think. ;)

    Joel, give Kelanie Gloeckler's music a try; she is pretty awesome, that's why she's not on the radio, I guess. :)

  7. RJW,

    Our audience is One, and whoever He chooses to put in our paths. :)

    I'll look into Kelanie Gloeckler's music.