Thursday, August 14, 2008

"So many times it happens too fast..." trade your passion for glory."

I know I'm grabbing just one line out of a song, maybe even out of the context of the song as a whole (I'm not really sure) but it really stuck out to me the last few times I heard this song.


  1. I actually saw Survivor when they opened for REO Speedwagon many years ago. Did they have any other hits? I always thought of them as Journey-lite.

    The quote is a powerful one. I totally understand what it means. I think that if I had stayed in paid ministry, I would have had to trade passion for glory.

    I'm glad God brought me out of that, but it's so easy to lose your soul to the system that we've built up around the modern church...

  2. grace is a huge part of the Christian walk.

    but, it is not the only part. there are other wonderful things about God that He has to share with you. and i think God will speak these things to you in His time.

    you are going to be taken care of, by God, in a way that is loving, so that you can grow in Him and see more of Him.

    keep walking with Him.

  3. Richard,

    I wasn't really a big Survivor fan, and even this song (their biggest hit) didn't really sweep me off my feet or anything, but I guess I do enjoy singing along to some of their songs. Some of their other songs include The Search is Over, High On You, I Can't Hold Back, and Burning Heart.

    "Journey-lite." LOL... True.

    I think you caught exactly what I was thinking in regards to those lyrics. How many individuals or ministries 'sell out' the passions that God has given them and trade it all in for glory, fame, wealth, mega churches, huge ministries, and so on and so on. Not that there can't be mega churches or huge ministries and all that, and not that a passionate Christian can't become well-known, but I think it's so easy to get all caught up in some of those things that a person can lose sight of who they truly are.

  4. Hi Nancy,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I've actually come to see grace as not simply a 'part' of the Christian life, but as the very essence of every part of the Christian life. :) I've written about that at various times, and perhaps my thoughts are packaged together best in this article I wrote a couple of years ago for my church (at the time).

    I appreciate your kind words of God's care for me and my growth in Him.

  5. Joel,
    Just finished reading the article you sent Nancy to-"The Sufficiency Of Grace." I smiled over your description of yourself as "the grace guy." Our daughter says some of her more religious college friends pat her on the head and refer to her as "their little grace girl." I tell her she is in good company with Paul..
    Great article. We are soooo encouraged by all the bloggers. What a beautiful body Christ has! Thanks for finding us and drawing us in...that's the love of God in you.

  6. RJW,

    I've truly been encouraged and have grown tremendously through the community of bloggers who are sharing their passion for Jesus and the grace of God. As I began meeting more people through the blogosphere, my prayer became more and more that God would connect more and more people through this avenue for the purpose of mutual encouragement in His grace. I really see that happening in a huge way, and I'm very thankful for it!

  7. i can see your view point.

    you write mainly of grace.
    others His Love.
    some about Jesus.
    some focus on preaching.
    others healing.

    i see Grace of God, His Love, the living relationship, Jesus, preaching, church, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, healing, what ever God talks to me about, etc. etc....

    but that is just me.

    and i realize now that others have a different walk than mine. all walks seem to be very personal and so unique to God's plan for each of us.

    so i am sorry if i offended you by not understanding this.

    you showed patience in your reply.

  8. Hi Nancy,

    I wasn't offended at all. I enjoy comments of all sorts.

    We truly are all in different places in our walks, and no one's better than anyone else, and it's good to share good things with each other. The body of Christ is one body with many different parts.

    In my case, God truly has put a very particular desire in my heart to share the things I share, and also to receive into my heart various things that other people share.