Sunday, August 17, 2008

I Want To Break Free

A few weeks ago Meeting Of One posted this video in relation to the question of whether to O.R.E.C. or not to O.R.E.C. (Organized Religious Entertainment Centre). (I'm sure people who read this blog "get" it). ;) Going along with the fun, I posted this video.

Well, I know there are some who are still pondering the question, and there are those who have other things in their lives they perhaps are 'struggling' to break free from. Some of it may be quite serious. Spiritual abuse, religion, legalism, lies, bad relationships, a job, a coworker, a church, a church member, you name it. NOT to minimize any of the seriousness of any of those issues, but here's a lighthearted look at the struggle people may be going through, from the boys who call themselves Queen. I don't know about you, but I think this is quite hilarious. :) The actresses... um, actors... play their parts well! The rest of the stuff is, what... art?

I Want To Break Free


  1. i have not ever seen the term organized religious entertainment center before.

  2. I'm not sure if my friend Alvin at Meeting of One (referenced in this blog post) coined the phrase himself or got it from somewhere else, but I've seen him and one or two others use it several times.

    Many of the people who I interact with on this blog and on their blogs have had "issues" (I'm using a 'nice' word ;) ) with what has been called "organized religion" or the "institutional church." The issues have included such things as legalism and spiritual abuse, as well as the church today seeming more like a social club or entertainment center. It would take too long to explain it all in this comment, but it's been discussed many times on this blog and I'm sure it will be discussed again.

  3. And my Mama accuses me of pushing the envelope!
    OREC-I love it.:)
    I call it "fast food Jesus": Cluck-in-a bucket Jesus, or my favorite, Grande Mocha Latte Jesus. It makes Him sooo relevant. Don't misunderstand me, these things aren't wrong. I just think Jesus is enough. Why do we feel the need to package Him?
    Our pastor says if you removed the hype and just had Jesus on the platform would people want just Him?
    As a Royal Priesthood we need to be holding out "bread & wine." His body, His blood.
    The Cross: Timeless and always relevant.

  4. Too funny - actually OREC was created in a dialogue with Bob (my bud) at hislifeinme...while doing breakfast some time ago.

    It essentially was an acronym to describe an assembly of Christians who forgot to invite Jesus. A carnal Christian gathering.

    I laughed till my guts hurt on this one - The Very Rev J. Slick would certainly disapprove of such rebellion.

  5. Wow, when Nicole said you liked 80's music, she wasn't kidding... I'm kinda speechless-- I laughed, i winced, I cried, mostly laughed-- perplexing, but surprisingly relevant in a scary sort of way : )

  6. Thanks Joel...I'll be having nightmares for about a month after that video.

    Not to over-spiritualize the song, but did you catch the lyrics to the second and third verses? The second verse says "I've fallen in love for the first time...and I know it's for real." Then the next verse says "I can't get used to living without you...I don't want to be alone."

    Isn't that the dilemma of so many people who have really discovered the grace and love of Jesus? They've found real love for the first time, and they know they don't find that love in the OREC they are attached to. But do they break free, and trust that God's love is enough to take them where He wants them to be.

    Or, maybe it's just a goofy pop song that I'm reading way too much into...

  7. RJW,

    Well, if we don't push the envelope, who will? ;) LOL. But truthfully, I know it sometimes may appear to some people that I'm trying to do that, but really I'm just sharing what's naturally on my heart and mind and hoping that somewhere out there someone relates to it. I've been quite surprised sometimes at how its turned out! Search my blog for "We're Not Gonna Take It," for example. :)

    I like the other phrases you used. Those are funny! Indeed, some of that extracurricular stuff is ok, but not when it's all done in place of Jesus. I like what you said - "The cross: Timeless and always relevant."

  8. Alvin,

    It seems now that I already knew that it originated with you and Bob, but I'm glad you clarified. Yeah I've laughed at this video a few times now in the last couple of days. I think Mr. Slick would moan and complain about this, until he figured out some way to get donations off of it!

  9. Manuela,

    80's Rule! Yeah, this video does cause several different reactions, doesn't it. LOL. But yep indeed, the song is definitely relatable to our real lives, even in a scary sort of way. :)

  10. Richard,

    You've gotten from this song the very same thing I got from it.

    I think most people would interpret this as a song about human relationships, but as is so often done with music and art, you can get so much more out of it than the original intent.

    The same lines you shared are also what stuck out to me. I see a struggle for people who have found grace and truth and freedom in Jesus, to go back and forth between Him and the law and legalism/religion.

    It is just a goofy pop song, but yet I think there are many real life applications that can be drawn from it. :)

    I'll also say that there's something about Freddie Mercury's dramatization in the video when he sings "O how I want to be free" that makes the struggle seem that more real.

  11. HOW DO I BREAK LOOSE FROM FILTHY HABITS. Please i have struggled for years to come out of lust, pornography, masturbation and Homosexuality, but to no avail. i cant imagine how i got into this mess. Please what do i do. can i really be free from these abominable sins. I desperately need an advise.

    Kalio T.K

  12. Hi Kalio T.K,

    I understand what it is to be in bondage to things that we don't want to do. As humans, we yearn for freedom. I could give you all kinds of tips and principles to follow, but none of those would point you to the One who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

    Focusing on the things that keep us in bondage usually only keeps us in bondage, and often can drive us further into bondage. Rather than struggling and striving to try to overcome each of these things, instead focus on the Life of Jesus Christ. He Himself is our Life.

    Just stand in front of the One who loves you more than you could ever know and bare it all in front of Him. He knows. He's not against you. He's for you. He can help you through all of this as you stand in front of Him in all your weaknesses. In your weakness, His strength is found.

    Don't focus on behaviors disappearing. Focus on His life in you and His never ending, never failing love for you, no matter what.