Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Shaq

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The Shaq


  1. lol..

    I'm going to admit that I don't see God like he is portrayed in the Shack. And I don't agree with some things like "if you had children would you send them to hell?" or "judgment doesn't have to do with hell" and things like that. Not all people are God's children. And judgment for the unbeliever does have to do with hell.

    I understand they said they don't believe that all will be saved, but they sure did teach it in the Shack.

    I would just say read the Shack, but definitely use discernment and don't hold it higher than the Bible like some people seem to.

  2. Matthew,

    In a lot of ways I'm with you on this. I've truly enjoyed all the interviews I've heard and various other things, and I do like how the book seems to be trying to let people know that God is accessible. However, the question surrounding the book is "Who is God, really?", and there are several things in the book that I personally don't think represent the God in the Bible. Some of it is minor and some of it is pretty major stuff, such as what you're talking about in regards to hell. I definitely want people to know that God loves them beyond what they can ever imagine or comprehend but I can't do that and also take the truth about hell out of the equation, as if it's a non-issue.

    The issue of the law was dealt with at the cross, but there are other things that remain that are addressed in the rest of the NT that I just can't shake.

    I'm with you... the truth of the Bible must come above someone's opinion of it. I have no problem saying that about all the things I say! Please, nobody take my word for it. If I'm talking about the God of the Bible, then please look to what the Bible says, not to what I say.

    I think we can all help one another glean great stuff from the Bible, and put some of the pieces together, but in the end it must be the Spirit speaking to each individual, and the scriptures are a big part of that.

  3. Hey Joel,

    I'm so glad you agree with me. At times I feel like I'm the only one who seems to have problems with the book. Like I said, some people take it as the Scripture itself or who make up their own theology, choosing to believe some parts of the Bible but rejecting parts that doesn't make them feel good. I'm guessing it's what Paul prophesied to Timothy about people having itching ears wanting to hear teachers who suit their own passions. But I won't get into all that. :)

    That being said, I sort of regret having my mom read the Shack as I don't think she is a believer yet and doesn't have discernment. She told me when I spoke to her about me totally being against the idea that there is no hell or that everyone is saved that "It makes sense. If you had children, you wouldn't send them to hell." I tried to make the point that it's only those of faith who are God's children. It's those of faith that are blessed with Abraham. It didn't seem to make her happy as she told me to "be quiet".

    I think sometimes people who come to grace start letting go of their discernment and forget that grace only is possible because of Jesus. And that God loves us, but is only capable of showing us love and grace through His justice that our Lord Jesus took on Himself for us at the cross.

    But thank you, Joel. I'm glad to know you're standing firm in the truth.

  4. Matthew, I decided to address some of this in another post. It's really important stuff, I think.

  5. "If you had children, you wouldn't send them to hell."

    I think it is a true statement. But the question is, are all people the children of God? Bible says, we are born in Adam, dead in sin and our father is Satan!

    It is those who go through the regeneration of the Spirit who becomes the children of God. For sure God don't want to send His children to hell.

  6. Hey Bino,

    My point exactly, brother.

    Thank God when I talked to my mom yesterday about the issue of whether or not all will be saved, she agreed with me that that isn't true. God gave her discernment to see that the point Paul was probably trying to get across was simply that God is not angry with Christians like so many people believe and preach that He is.

  7. That's right, guys.

    John 1:12-13
    But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: who were born, not of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but of God.