Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Love is Like a Rock

Donnie Iris - Love is Like a Rock
(I don't know anything about the animation in this video. It's the only video I could find for this song. But it's a great song!)


  1. good song!

  2. That is a good song.

    But... LOL! The animation is from an online role-playing game called Rune Scape.

  3. This song has been a favorite of mine for years, and it took on new meaning as I began to depend more upon God and His love, and less upon the things of this world.

    Ahh, Rune Scape! My son has an older friend who plays that a lot, but the age recommendation is 13 so for now we've been sticking to some other online activities such as Club Penguin and ToonTown.

    Weird, isn't it, how someone would put this song to Rune Scape animation? :) Then again, someone animated the Mario Bros. characters to go along with a Twisted Sister song, so I guess that's just what some people do these days... ;)

  4. Yeah. I play Rune Scape no and then. A friend's son introduced me. The game itself is not too big a deal age-wise (so far as I has seen), but it is an online community and some of the other players can be, well, human... ;-)