Thursday, June 26, 2008

Too many rules! Vinnie Barbarino is so confused!

I've been on a serious streak lately and I needed a little comic relief! I don't mind being serious. I can be a really serious guy. I'm serious about that.

But of course I love to have my fun too! I've been reading the latest comments on this blog and I'm really enjoying what I'm reading, and I'll be back to tomorrow to join in the conversation, but for now here's a clip of John Travolta starring as Vinnie Barbarino in one of my all-time favorite shows, Welcome Back Kotter. I can relate to Vinnie's "confusion." :) Can anyone else?

Hey, doesn't the nurse in this clip kind of remind you of the heavy-handed dad in the Twisted Sister video, We're Not Gonna Take It?!

Speaking of the TS video, you know I have to post it at least once a month for Aida! LOL... Just kidding! But yet I have been waiting for the opportune time to share something I recently found. It's the full-length video for the song, including one extra minute at the beginning! I guess you could say it adds an extra minute of the context of the harsh, legalistic nature of the household in which the video takes place...

(BTW, if you're new here, search my blog for "Twisted Sister" to see why I'd even begin to think about posting this video. There's definitely a purpose for it, really!) :)


  1. Wow, Joel! You made my day! A longer version of the Twisted Sister video. That is good news! Thanks for thinking about me.

  2. Hmm... *smiling* I always liked that song... and the video. ;)

  3. Aida,

    I knew you'd like it. :)


    It's definitely a classic!

  4. You were right, Joel. After I watched it, I went to bed with the words to We're Not Gonna Take It going through my head and lulling me to sleep.