Monday, June 16, 2008

Pagan Christianity interview (written)

If you've been reading here, even for a shorter amount of time, you've seen me write a little bit about the book Pagan Christianity? by Frank Viola and George Barna. I know at least a few of my blogging friends are interested in the book. In case you don't keep up with the comments that are currently logged on the right side of this blog, J.R. Miller left a comment today on a post of mine from last month called "New Pagan Christianity interview." In the comment, J.R. (Joe) included a link to the first part of an email interview that he had with Viola and Barna. The interview includes some really good questions from Joe and some really good answers from Viola and Barna. The interview begins here with Part 1. If interested, scroll through the blog and read the rest of it as well.

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