Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Jesus' love is...

...All Over Me.

Nicole mentioned The Benjamin Gate in her blog about music. I've loved this band from the start (1998) to finish (2003). The lead singer (Adrienne Liesching) eventually became Christian singer Jeremy Camp's wife (she's now known as Adie Camp).


The Benjamin Gate - All Over Me

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  1. Hey great video! I have seen this one before and I just got to say crazy style that Adrienne has with the orange air and big huge boots! I love it! It is so crazy!

    Like I said on my blog she is the most inspiring musician I have ever come across! I wish she would still record, but I guess her husband still is so that rocks! Jeremy Camp is cool and has a great voice, I just think he could hit a lot more notes than he does! His voice is amazing!

    In Freedom, Nicole!