Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stages/The conversation goes on...

Nicole posted a great blog called Life Is a Story and it got me thinking about how in many ways life is also an ongoing conversation. What I mean is, the "conversation" of life is part of the process but the conversation is never really "over." We're all growing, we're all doing, we're all waiting, we're all... at different stages in our own personal journeys, and part of the various processes that we're all going through includes discussions and conversations with each other.

Well, my thoughts here aren't exactly turning out like they had been in my head a few moments ago. :) But I think that one thing I'm trying to say is that I've learned that what I have to say or what someone else has to say about any given subject is never the "final word" on the matter. Of course, sometimes the conversation of life does indeed lead to decisive and final action, but I just mean that the conversation of life continues even so.

Arghh. It's still not coming out right. :) But that's one thing I like about blogging... and comments! Sometimes I can just "put it out there" and see what happens. Just like in "real life" conversations you have several people speaking together, working things out together, contributing various thoughts, I think the whole idea of blogging and interacting through comments is wonderful. I may have something on my mind, or you may have something on your mind, and we may blog about it and then others join in the conversation. When I posted my What would you say... blog yesterday, for example, I had a specific point I was trying to make (pointing out the difference between how Jesus interacted with a certain woman and how I've seen many in the church today interact with women in similar shoes). But then in reading the comments from others I realized that there was a much wider array of angles from which to view the whole scenario, and I really enjoyed reading the comments.

I can think of a thousand more examples, but I guess that what I'm trying to really get at is that we have much to share with each other and much to learn from each other.

Speaking of "Stages"... hehehe... This is really just an excuse for me to play one of my favorite videos from the 80's! It's from ZZ Top. There's nothing like two synchronized sunglass-wearing, feet-tapping, guitar-playing, long-bearded men and a non-bearded drummer with the last name "Beard" in a futuristic setting, with the band's Space Shuttle-ized Hot Rod making a brief cameo!

ZZ Top - Stages


  1. God is big on relationship.

  2. Wow Joel! Great post bro! It's like our conversations on yahoo, they are never ending! I love that about fellowship, it usually starts right back up at where it 'paused' the last time!

    Had a great time talking to you bro!

    In Freedom, Nicole!

  3. Nic,

    That Yahoo session went a lot longer than I thought it would! What a great time chatting with you, Aida and Matthew. Looking forward to more in the future.

  4. It was a great time last night! As I was telling Nic tonight, there is something very comforting about being around our grace family.

  5. That was a great time last night. Sorry I had to bow out early. How much longer did you go?

    I'm looking forward to our next conversation together. Hopefully, it'll be soon.

  6. Aida, I think it was somewhere around 11pm my time that we ended. Is that right Nic and Matthew? Which would mean we chatted for around 4 hours total! I might not be able to go that long next time, but I most certainly do look forward to getting together with you all again.

  7. I checked the clock and it was almost 12am when we left. I had a great time though. Being with my brothers and sisters who understand the Grace of God in truth is like being in a safe haven. Like a heavenly embassy on earth.

    Did you guys check out Nic's blog? She suggested we meet same day, same time this weekend. I'm up for it! But if any of you have a problem with it, I'm sure we could tweak it. Remember "Do not forsake the assembling of yourselves."

    ...You don't wanna disobey a command from Scripture do you?...Just kidding. :P

  8. Matthew,

    I guess if we really were commanded to make sure we meet together every week, this type of meeting would be the type I'd go for. :D

    I should be able to make it for at least part of the time this weekend, and I'm hoping others can make it too!