Saturday, May 10, 2008

Super Mario Bros. - We're Not Gonna Take It!

In my continuing (secret) efforts to totally corrupt Aida (that's what little 'brothers' are for, right?)... LOL... I've found the perfect video. :-D

In the comments of my It's a Sin post, Aida said she heard this song on the radio the other day - and was singing along to it - and her husband changed the station - and she told him to put it back on! And then today she said the song was going through her head all day. Well, my good old Nintendo friends from back in the day - The Super Mario Brothers - have their own video for the song and I just couldn't resist sharing it. (For Aida, of course).

(By the way, in case you're new here, this all sort of developed from a blog post of mine from about a year ago. I posted the video for Twisted Sister's song from the 80's, We're Not Gonna Take It, as sort of a comical look at the effects of legalism. Since that time I've watched the TS video several times, and I still continue to get a laugh out of it but at times it also sobers me up to the reality of the effects of legalism).

As for the video below... It's completely comical as far as I'm concerned. :) Introducing Luigi on drums and Mario playing a mean guitar!


  1. Awesome!! It must have took a good bit of time animating the pixels, but it was funny.

    I used to hate that song, but it's growin' on me now that I have meaning to attach it with. ;)

  2. Matthew, it sounds like Joel's plot is working with you too.


  3. The song literaly haunts me now and probably because we literally would sing it in the legalistic school we attended. So many bad memories:-)

    Its odd how one mans curse is another mans blessing. Hope I dont sound negative. Just being honest.

    Grace upon grace,


  4. Aida and Mad Dog (MD)... Yes, my secret plot IS working. I'm glad no one has caught on yet.

    MD... I was thinking the same thing. It must've taken a long time to create that animation!

    Brian... I wouldn't necessarily call the song a 'blessing' :), but when I watched the video a year ago I was struck by something that wouldn't have phased me back in my younger days, and that is the rebellious reaction people have to control, manipulation and such.

    The video itself is comical to me, but as I said it also saddens me as it sobers me to the reality of legalism.

    BTW, honesty is always appreciated. :)

  5. Yes, very true Joel. Ok sorry to say it is a blessing, but I guess it is growing on Matthew. Is that good or bad? The song itself is another form of manipulation and mind control propaganda. I once read about how Dee Snider would confront those outside warning others with tracts about his concerts and trying to tell them he was working for Jesus. I saw Marylin Manson talking about loving Jesus on Politically Incorrect years ago. We gotta remember that we are sheep and very impressionable unfortunately even as believers we are sheep. So we can be dupped in broad daylight as the children of darkness are much wiser in this world than the children of light. I know that is in referance to how the unjust stewerd dealt with money, but that same crafty dark wisdom can be applied to other areas as well I truly believe. Unfortunately I rebelled in my youth and my humming ears were willing to be lulled into sleep to the point of near death I truly believe.

    What was that other song by Twisted Sister about leading people into darkness? There was something really graphic they did once about how hearts and minds are grabbed and led into the darkness of hell. I need to find that one. I really think they were seizing an opportunity with this song.

    Grace upon grace,


  6. Hi Brian,

    I guess the only thing I can say is that art, no matter what the artist's original intent, is always interpreted differently by different people and affects different people in different ways. Sometimes the same art affects the same person differently at different times. In my case, as I've said before, the lyrics of 80's hair metal never had much of an impact on me at all, and they have even less of an impact on me nowadays. :) My eyes and ears are open to hear what the Lord has to say to me, and I found a particular message in this TS song. I don't expect anyone else in this world to see the same thing I do, but yet I know that others have seen the same or a similar message in the song as I have.

    The song itself, in my opinion, is neither "good" nor "evil." It all depends upon how the listener hears and views it. I personally pay no attention to the lifestyles of Dee Snider or other heavy metal artists. I like some hair metal songs, and I dislike other hair metal songs. My personal tastes aren't affected by their lifestyles or by their other music. If it affects you or anyone else in a way that it does not affect me, I'm not the judge of that and I think you are completely free to view it all in way that you do.

    What we should be careful of, no matter how affected or unaffected we are, is to not project our own view onto others as if it should be their view too.

  7. So their concerts with flames of fire where he crawls on stage singing Burn in Hell with an image of being a transvestite is nuetral in your opinion? So there isnt a line at some point that is to be considered mockery of God and flirting with death and hell?

    Well, I guess we are miles apart on this one, but I love you in the Lord boo just the same:-)

    Grace upon grace,


  8. Brian,

    Not that I feel the need at all to get you to see where I'm coming from, but this is the type of conversation I've had with many others and I enjoy discussing it.

    I'm not trying to get you to agree with me, but perhaps I can make myself a little more clear. You may agree a little more with me than you think... or this may prove that we really are miles apart! Either way is fine with me.

    Some of my favorite TV programs over the years have included Star Trek Voyager, The Pretender and the new Doctor Who series. I love how the characters are developed in each series. I think the story lines are clever. The sci-fi aspect of two of the programs is fascinating to me. I really enjoy the programs. However, in each of the programs the producers and writers throw in their own world views into the stories. World views that are contrary to my world view. Sometimes it's fornication or adultery. Sometimes it's proclaiming evolution as "fact." Sometimes it even seems anti-Christ. What I'm saying is that the philosophies represented in the shows are contrary to sound biblical doctrine.

    I also know that some of the actors in the shows live ungodly lifestyles.

    I still enjoy the shows. I know who I am and I can filter out that stuff and still enjoy the programs very much. And God can even show Himself to me in various ways in the midst of it all. I'm speaking for myself, and no one else.

    From time to time I also enjoy listening to the music of Motley Crue, Kiss, Metallica, Poison, etc. I love the Bad Hair Friday noon hour on our local rock station. Now, it's pretty obvious that the lifestyles of the people in these bands are contrary to godliness. Some of the lyrics to their songs are absolutely horrible.

    I've watched Gene Simmons' Family Jewels from time to time. One time he put on a performance for our armed forces, and I didn't like how he would use the name of the Lord in vain and then say "God bless America" and "God bless you" to the soldiers. (Incidentally, Gene himself has said that he is against almost everything G.W. Bush stands for, but he voted for him in 2004 because of his support of Israel - Gene is a 'non-practicing' Jew [he is of Jewish heritage]). Anyway, the program is based around his "family," and yet he continues to increase the record number of women that he sleeps with, well into the thousands.

    But for me, myself and I (again, I'm speaking for myself only) I still like to listen to Detroit Rock City, Shandi, Sure Know Something, etc, and I actually enjoyed the song Psycho Circus when it came out and I even sing along to - gasp - God of Thunder! Again, the lyrics are horrible ("I command you to kneel before the god of thunder and rock n roll, the spell you're under will slowly rob you of your virgin soul"). But me, myself and I can listen to it and not be affected by the lyrics. I like the vocal arrangements and sounds. I like the instrumental arrangements. This is also why I like Metallica. I was brought to tears one day listening to the string arrangement in one of their songs.

    And so, when it comes to We're Not Gonna Take It... I'm not interested in Dee Snider's lifestyle. It doesn't affect me. I still think the video is funny and I still think there is actually a message in the lyrics that some people in Christ relate to, who have been in the shackles and bondage of religion and who want to break free or have broken free and are embracing their freedom.

    All of that said, I'm not shouting out to all of Christendom to listen to Crue, Kiss, TS, Metallica, etc, and I'm not telling anyone to like the shows I like!

    On this blog, I'm simply sharing some of the story of my life in Christ, and I've found a few people who relate in some ways and who probably disagree in other ways, and I'm simply continuing to share the things that are on my heart.