Friday, May 16, 2008

Spiritual adultery

I snagged the following quotes off of the first part of an audio series simply called "Grace" by Rob Rufus that I downloaded quite a while ago from the Grace in Flood blog. I enjoy listening to the series from time to time.

In this part, Rob is talking about Christians who go back to their old marriage partner, The Law, to try to get themselves straightened out and whipped into shape so they can be presentable to their new Husband, Jesus. But the Law only condemns, the Law only kills, the Law only pronounces judgment. The Law is perfect and holy and good and just, but the Law is a terrible, terrible husband.

Rob says:
Now I believe that what Jesus does is He looks at the church that does that and I just think that tears come down His eyes. I think He just looks at us and goes, "Do you think I'm an insecure husband? Did you think I didn't know you'd have all these idiosyncrasies? I never had any illusions. I knew everything about you when I took you on and embraced you. I am the perfect husband to my bride. I'm the perfect bridegroom. I'm the perfect husband of all husbands.

And I can love you unconditionally because the integrity of heaven's high call of justice was fully satisfied by Me on the cross on your behalf...

And you think you're impressing Me by going back to him to make me happy? You break My heart. I'm not the one putting you under the laws, the rules and condemnation. I'm the one that redeems you from it so that 24 hours a day Father's love and acceptance may pour into your life."


  1. Good stuff, love hearing over and over!!

  2. The good news never gets old! :)

  3. Powerful stuff man, thanks for sharing.

    I relocated to Hong Kong in 2007 with my wife, for work. One Sunday morning we decided to visit this "City Church International" and then decided to go back the next Sunday. And then the next, and the next...

    As I sat there Sunday after Sunday (and later on danced and shouted), I saw this little man Rufus through the power of the Holy Spirit break the religious mindsets I had clung on to. Praise God for that man's ministry, I am proud to call him and Glenda my mom and dad in the faith.

    In Grace
    Andre van der Merwe

  4. Very cool, André. That's absolutely wonderful how the Holy Spirit worked through Rob to bring you into His freedom!