Sunday, May 11, 2008

Special Day

My wife gets a two-for-one today! Of course it's Mother's Day... and it's also our 12th Wedding Anniversary today! We were married May 11, 1996, which happened to be the day before Mother's Day that year.

We celebrated BIG TIME today. I went to Walmart and picked up 8 pieces of fried chicken and a bucket of mashed potatoes and gravy. :D It's what SHE wanted!

Also, in a bit of irony, when I got to work this morning I realized I didn't have my wedding ring on! I rarely take it off, but I had removed it yesterday while forming some hamburger patties, and I forgot to put it back on.

Below is a slide show of 9 of our weddin' day pics.


  1. Happy Anniversary (and Happy Mother's Day)!

    Very nice pictures. Congratulations & Blessings,

  2. Happy Anniversary to the two of you and Happy Mother's Day to your wife.

    The pictures are great! Thanks for sharing them.


  3. Happy Anniversary to the two of you. Chicken and taters, ehhh. Sounds like my kind of woman :)

  4. Thanks, friends, for the well-wishes. All in all it was an ordinary-average day, which is just fine as far as we're concerned, and indeed we got away with a Mother's Day meal for the entire family for less than $10!

    It was also fun going through all the wedding photos. I seem to have put on a pound, maybe two, since then. :)

  5. Happy Anniversary to both of you! (Sorry I am little late). Congratulations! Great pictures!

    Just this morning, my wife gave me some 'examples' of other couples about how they celebrated Mother's day! We didn't have anything special and I don't know why she expects a gift from her husband on Mother's day. She is not my mother! I am more than happy to give her a gift on 'Wife's day' :)