Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Shack continues to make history

Wayne Peterson briefly talks about The Shack debuting and #1 this coming Sunday on the NY Times Best Seller List for Trade Fiction.

Steve McVey talks about the book and includes a USA Today article, for which he was interviewed and in which he is subsequently quoted.

I also just wanted to link back to a blog post from Wayne Peterson in March in which he responded to some of the common criticisms that have been raised about The Shack.


  1. Honestly, some of the things Driscoll mentioned as having problems with, rubbed me the wrong way as well. But, as with every book, you have to spit out bones.

    I have heard Paul say that he didn't believe in universalism, but 1 or two parts of the book definitely seem to imply it. But concerning union and God's Grace, I think the book is dead on.

    My thought to the other preachers saying "God will punish sin" is He ALREADY has. No one will be in hell because the broke the Ten Commandments anymore. They will be there for unbelief in what Jesus did for them.

    Jesus Himself said:

    "Truly, I say to you, all sins and blasphemies will be forgiven the children of man, but blasphemy against the Holy Spirit will not be forgiven"

  2. "as with every book, you have to spit out bones."

    Very true.

    Knowing that it is also foolish to speak in a matter before he has heard it out, I will keep my mouth shut:-) Thanks for the info.

  3. Mad Dog and Brian,

    Yep, I think that as with any book, or as with anything at all that anyone says, we need to be mature and use wisdom to discern the truth. And the truth of all that, is that we don't all agree on everything! Many of the things I once thought were good meat, I found to be bones. And many of the things I once thought were bones, the Lord has opened my eyes to see more clearly. And some things are still meat and some things are still bones! LOL

    I approach a lot of things with caution, and sometimes I hear 'grace' people say things that really trouble me. Other times I'm sure things *I* say trouble other people! So... I simply pray for wisdom, understanding, truth, etc, and I know that my Father will not lead me astray.