Thursday, May 08, 2008

"Permisson to be Human" - Darin Hufford

On his blog, as a preface to a blog post called "Permission to be Human," Darin Hufford writes, "Taking a big chance posting this. We'll see what happens...."

What is his post about, in which he's taking such a chance? To me, it's a raw look at the contradictory ways in which Christians live their lives, written in the first person from Darin's own perspective. Now... before I post the link to it, I want to affirm adamantly my belief that focusing on all of this inconsistent, contradictory behavior in the life of the Christian (and believe me, Darin doesn't hold back when sharing his own self-observances in his post!) is NOT what our life in Christ is about! In fact, focusing on it can be very detrimental to the living out of our daily lives in Christ. We can understand the reality that, for example, we think pure thoughts one moment and then the next moment we're all caught up in lustful thinking... without letting the truth of those contradictions steal from us the truth of our identity in Christ that is based not upon how we behave but upon the fact that by faith God has given us an identity that is righteous, holy, blameless and pure. We walk by faith in Christ, not by self-observance!

But I'm linking to this because I know that I know that I know that I know that sometimes an individual can feel as if they're the only Christian on the planet who deals with behavior that isn't always consistent (an understatement, of course), and I think that Darin simply comes out and says candidly what many Christians deal with daily, but are hesitant to speak about. Some of my blogging friends have posted similar blog posts in the past, and I always appreciate the honesty!

What is left out of the post, in my opinion (or at least it's what I would have gone on to say had I said the same things myself) is the truth about victory being a gift from God that He has already given us and that we walk in by faith, and by His grace - and that we don't need to stay locked into a mindset that the daily Christian life is simply a matter of putting up with fluctuating behavior.

That said, that obviously wasn't the point Darin was trying to make. So... I invite you to follow one of the links below and allow Darin to say all the things you've always wanted to say as a Christian, but were too afraid... and know that you're not alone. :) And I just want to add - Thank you, Father, for the victory that we have in Jesus! Thank you that we follow you and love you and obey you... not based upon our own abilities or efforts to do any of these things, but based upon Your faithfulness and Your love and Your own working that you work in us as we rest in You.

"Permission to be Human"
Darin's Myspace post
Darin's website blog post


  1. Great post from Darin. I'm so glad there are honest people out there. I know what it is to be struggling with something and explain it to another Christian and hear nothing but crickets and wondering if I'm just evil and a false professor and all that other non-sense. It's an area in my life God is definitely carrying me through and allowing me to be trained.

    I've been reading the book Eragon the past few days and in it, Eragon goes through a lot of sword training each evening with his mentor, Brom. And everyday he goes to bed battered and bruised, but everyday his skill increases and the bruises decrease.

    We learn to fight our battles by the Spirit of God and this takes lots of training! The doubts, failures, worries, inconsistencies, lack of love...All of it is part of growing. And never is God angry with us because of our constant mistakes. Mistakes are fundamental for growth. But probably the biggest hurdle for the believer is not the mistakes themselves, but learning to accept the mistakes.

  2. Matthew,

    So true, so true. So much of my growth has been through my own personal failures. Sometimes I wonder how much more pride and self-righteousness I would be living with if not for my failures and inconsistencies! And how little lack of compassion I would have for others.

    As I sort of said in the post, I don't want to get caught up in viewing my life in Christ simply as a mixed up mess of success and failure. I want to live knowing full well that it's not simply my weakness that I boast in but it's God's strength that is shown in my weakness. But I also don't want to deny that my inconsistencies and failures exist, and the post from Darin was a refreshing bit of honesty!

  3. I could have written that post, Joel! Thats how we go through life, but people seldom admit. In midst of all the inconsistencies, I know there are certain things very consistent from the very beginning of humanity - the Love of God! Sometimes I think that my heart is mellow and I am ready to show some love to others, but within no time I find myself fighting with bad thoughts about them in my heart. I have no ability to love, and if there is any trace of love in my heart, I have no problem in admitting that it is the love Jesus, which to me is a gift.

  4. Bino,

    I also could have written the post. :) I would bet that most or all of it is common to mankind. And I like what you said... the one consistent thing that we can rely on is God's love!

  5. Last year my wife and I got a motel room on Va Beach for our Anniversery and we read our letters to each other that we wrote across the pond while I was in the Gulf War back in 90-91. As we read I was reminded of why I loved her so much but then as I continued I began to think..."What a buffoon I was" and then began to realize that I was still in so many respects due to my flesh:-)

    "I know I ran across an old box of letters as I was packin up some clothes for Goodwill, and I know I had to laugh, but you know I had to laugh at those same old struggles that plagued me then are plaguing me still." Derrick Webb-Caedmans Call, Thankful

    So much truth to what Matthew is saying though and that is why I hate to seem to offer crickets at times if it seems that way to you all, but there does need to be some sparing in truth and growth I truly believe and having been in the Military see that some Lord it over you, but there are others who hope in your growth and have to offer up the tough stuff at times that sting and make us think, but our eyes should always behold the Lord alone even then. It is such a tough thing. I sometimes think the false religions even in their misconstrued understanding of performance based religion still have a latch on a certain truth and you can sort of see it clearly in the movie The Last Samaria with Tom Cruise. In so many respects we are losing site of that in the contemporary church. I dont always much like thinking about the fact that we are to train ourselves in godliness but it is there in the Bible and I know it is God's will for all of us. You know that Military aspect that can be seen in Tom Cruise constantly being beat down by that stick of the other Samaria until one day he stands and is able to deliver and hold ground. You sort of also see it in the movie Batman Begins as well. The enemy and former nemesis of Batmans father is harassing the son until in his failure he learns to stand.

    Grace upon grace to you and may we continue to discover Him and stand in Him alone,


  6. "I am the subject of depressions of spirit so fearful that I hope none of you ever get to such extremes of wretchedness as I go to, but I always get back again by this-I know I trust Christ. I have no reliance but in him, and if he falls I shall fall with him, but if he does not, I shall not. Because he lives, I shall live also, and I spring to my legs again and fight with my depressions of spirit and my down castings, and get the victory through it; and so may you do, and so you must, for there is no other way of escaping from it. In your most depressed seasons you are to get joy and peace through believing."

    CH Spurgeon

  7. Amazing quote, Brian. Thank you so much for sharing. I can whole heartedly relate to what Charles is saying there. I do the EXACT same thing very often. I often get depressed and feel alienated from God because of my constant stupidity. But then I see Jesus and I stand up again and feel renewed strength.

    I just wish God would snap His fingers and make me perfect sometimes! LOL

  8. Brian... thanks for your comments and the quotes. I looove the song "Thankful." Have often thought of posting a video for it. There are some good live versions out there.

    Matthew... Very interesting that you should use the word "perfect." For the last half hour I've been working on a post called "Perfection." :) It should be up tonight or tomorrow.

  9. Joel...It's funny you should say that lol. I randomly had a thought when mentioned that last bit about God making me perfect that there would be irony in what I wrote. Don't ask. I have weird spurts at times.

  10. Joel, yes...I love that song. We can be thankful. I am thankful to God.

    Matthew...I do too, well, ditto on all you said here, but I know God is with us because he has promised and I know we can rest on His promises even when our feelings or psyche goes south. Till then we gotta do that REO Speedwagon thing and Ride the Storm Out but knowing we are anchored to our Rock of habitation in which we can continually come to. The Rock that is higher than I.
    Have you guys ever listened to that song by Steve Camp off of that David- Ordinary Man/Extroadinary God CD: The Lord Is My Rock?

    It is very encouraging with the quote from Psalms at the begining.

    Grace upon grace,


  11. Matthew... I 'got' your meaning on your words about wanting God to snap His fingers and make you perfect. :) Even though the post I was working on was not in the same vein as what you were talking about, I thought it was interesting that the word came up.

    Brian... I don't think I've ever heard that Steve Camp song. However, I'm often encouraged by some of his songs.