Monday, May 12, 2008

New Pagan Christianity interview

Frank Viola posted a link on his Myspace page to a new radio interview that he had with George Barna, discussing the book Pagan Christianity on a radio program called Today's Life Today. A while back I posted the link to their first interview and here is a link to their second one, in case anyone is interested. The first one is just over an hour long. The new one was an hour-long interview, but they cut out the breaks so it's about 35 mins.

Some quotes from this interview:

"Man, we have been given so much freedom in Christ and we've in many ways chosen to put ourselves back in chains. And we've got to get free from that."

"And this is one of the reasons why there are so many Christians - I'd say a mass exodus - who are leaving the institutional church in pursuit of something that is more authentic. I like what Reggie McNeal said... A growing number of people are leaving the institutional church for a new reason. They're not leaving because they have lost their faith. They're leaving their church to preserve their faith. I think that is arresting and true."
(From me... I can most certainly relate to those words).

Host: "Well, see, I've been involved in several churches that I've been kicked out of because I went and looked at the scriptures."


  1. Yup there is much truth in that quote re: leaving trads-ville.

    I recall being the Prodical; one of the first things I remember saying to myself...when re-establishing community with the body...was...they have no idea what they have.

  2. Yeah I'm in that 'phase' right now (if that's a legitimate way to put it) of still being totally shell-shocked at how much freedom and life people have that they have buried, unknowingly, for the sake of keeping the institution going.

    This has been an awkward time for me, but also an exciting time. I had already thought I was plenty free through having been released from the chains of legalism - and it's true that I really am free - but as I learn more and more about true community and ekklesia, I find that there are riches in Christ that I have only begun to explore.

  3. Interesting perspective considering your background. I will have to read more of your stuff. Meantime, if you are interested, I am posting a 5 part interview with both George Barna and Frank Viola. Please feel free to pass the word and share your thoughts.

  4. Thanks, Joe, for stopping by and for your comment. Scrolling through your More Than Cake blog, I see that we have at least one or two common friends (through comments).

    I've just spent some time reading the parts of the interview that you've posted so far and I really enjoyed it. I think I'll put a link to it here on my blog.