Thursday, May 01, 2008

How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?

I don't suppose I can bring anyone along on the emotional journey I just went through as I watched this video... I'm sure it was an experience unique to me... but I can at least share it with you.

And really... all in all it's just a song from Pink Floyd!

Watching this video, I was brought back to my boyhood. This video somewhat reminds me of my school days in England in the late 70's / early 80's. I attended a private all-boys secondary school that was just behind our house. The school seemed dark and old, and a little run down. I was somewhat scared of some of the teachers. Everyone was to rise when the headmaster entered your room. Canings were still very common, although I never got into the kind of trouble that warranted a caning. I guess I'm painting a pretty bleak picture here, but it wasn't all that bad (and definitely not as bad as in this video!). Overall it was an "ok" experience... but I will say that I wouldn't ever want to re-live it!).

Also... the darkness of fear, conformity, rules, authority, religion, legalism, isolation, abuse, rebellion, are all represented in this video (from my perspective, anyway), and overall in Pink Floyd's 1979 concept album The Wall and in the 1982 rock opera film that came from it. Where do I get all these anti-authority videos from? I grew up with them!

On a more comical note... or actually, on a confessional note... During my teen years I was at a party one time when someone was playing this very Pink Floyd record. People knew that I lived in England during the time this song was recorded, and I began telling them that I had been part of the school choir that sang on this song. :) I said they picked our school out of many schools, and came to our school and recorded us and edited us into the song.

The truth is... my elementary school choir really had recorded a couple of albums right around the same time (strickly "choir" songs)... but being in Stockport, England, we were far away from the North London secondary school that was actually chosen, having been right around the corner from the studio! This was simply one of those things that I made up to make myself appear to be someone I wasn't. Years later, after having all but forgotten about it, I finally "fessed up" when my friend Carianne mentioned it in an email one time. "Oh, yeah... about that..." :D

Pink Floyd - Another Brick in the Wall

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