Sunday, May 25, 2008


Steve McVey's "Sailing in Agape - Day Eleven" video (see below), in which he talked about the "permanent vacation," or "rest," that we have in Christ, reminded me of a great song from Tony Vincent called "Holiday."

Put yourself in the shoes of someone who has worked himself to death, trying to prove himself to God, trying to work his way to heaven and trying to earn God's love, trying to be perfect and trying to justify himself before God. You may be there right now, or you may have been there and it may not be hard at all to put yourself in those shoes again.

Then... finally the truth comes and "memories of my hollow days are scattered on a sea of grace." You finally realize that "what I thought was righteousness was nothing less than blind ambition." When Jesus came, "every day became a holiday."

The rest of the lyrics to the song are wonderful and can be found here and you can listen to a snippet of the song (and other T.V. songs) here.

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