Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Do you want to help choose my next post? :)

Alrighty then. You may or may not know that I blog in three places. Here on Blogger, on Myspace and on MyCCM. I always create the posts here and then copy and paste them to the other blogs.

I have sort of a 'unique' idea (unique to me anyway), and since I don't get a whole lot of interaction on the other two places I thought I'd share this idea solely here. It's nothing special or great or wonderful. It's just something different!

I currently have FIVE posts that are saved as drafts. A couple of them have been in draft since March! Anyway, just for something different to do, I thought I'd list the five tentative ("working") titles of each of the five posts and ask anyone who reads this to give their suggestion as to which one should be my next post. If no one responds, I guess I'll just keep those posts in limbo forever! LOL

This isn't a competition, of course. It's just a nutty idea. Don't try to please anybody else. Just pick one that strikes your fancy or do a simple counting rhyme (I suggest 'eeny meeny miny moe') or cast lots or draw straws or whatever... :)

The titles may or may not give an obvious clue as to the nature of the posts. The five posts I have in draft, in no particular order at all, are:

1. Waiting
ii. Joyful giving and joyful living
c. Video Killed the Radio Star / Radio Ga Ga
4. YOUR prayer
E. Whatever the law says...


  1. I cast my vote for Waiting.

    Anyone who opposes me will be at the mercy of my nerf ball. Fear the nerf!!

    (I don't really have a nerf ball)

  2. I guess I'm okay with Matthew. I vote for Waiting too.


  3. Waiting was my first choice before I viewed the has been such a difficult and real part of my journey...let's see what you have on that. I don't want to wait too long for impatience is getting in the way. :)

    In Him,

  4. I am a big fan.. sorry... hater of waiting. So I like waiting, I mean the post!

  5. Gee, if only we could come up with a consensus! I can't handle the suspense. If we don't break this quagmire of indecision, I'll just have to take things into my own hands!


    Looks like "Waiting" it is... unless of course something drastic happens between now and the time I plan on posting tomorrow.

    BTW, Matthew, I'm more concerned about your Siamese cat than I am about your nerf ball!

  6. As well you should be! She is known to pounce at random and shows little mercy to her cat nip toys. At my command, she'll have kneaded your sofa until it bleeds stuffing!

  7. I knew my choice was right. I'm glad you guys all saw things my way.