Thursday, April 10, 2008


Here's a quote of a quote of a quote, and then another quote. :)

I found this today over at James' blog, Idle musings of a bookseller.

James first quotes a quote of Mark DeYmaz that he found quoted on a blog called Out of Ur:
"The hardest thing about this ministry is that we know how to grow a church big and fast, but we refuse to do it. We don't use church-growth strategies; we don't market ourselves. We could grow the ministry fast. But we'd rather grow it biblically."

Then James' own 'idle musing' in relation to the above quote:
"Success does not always equal big numbers. I think the bible makes that quite clear. It always seems to be the underdog who, with the presence of the Holy Spirit, wins. Look at Gideon as an example: too many men, send some home. Still too many, send some more home. Why? Because otherwise the people will think it is their power and steal the glory from God. Still true. Watchman Nee used to say that you should never put a person in a position where they had natural ability; it would prevent them from relying on God."

Great stuff!


  1. "Watchman Nee used to say that you should never put a person in a position where they had natural ability; it would prevent them from relying on God."

    That really is a great quotation. I've taken motivational gifts tests and even taught on them. The premise being that we should do the things we're naturally gifted in because we've already got the talent and therefore will be successful.

    I can relate to what he said because I'm gifted as a teacher and a speaker. Well, in the past, I've taught on things that I wasn't doing and people left excited saying what an anointed teacher I was. I can teach and speak without or without the help of the Holy Spirit. But, when I'm put in those uncomfortable places where it's sink or swim, I'm quick to go to Father because I know if I don't failure is around the corner.

    If I want to experience the fellowship of Father's presence, I have to be willing to do those things that are outside of my comfort zone. Yet, that's a hard change for me since I much prefer the comfortable places.


  2. Aida, the way you've described your experiences are somewhat similar to mine, and somewhat different as well, but all revolving around the same thing... it must be God and not me. God has placed me in the position of "teacher" at times, but yet I haven't necessarily felt "gifted" as a teacher. I've been in some very uncomfortable positions and I've truly had to trust that our Father is teaching others through me, despite my lackluster performances. :)

    Other times I've felt as if I've really done a great job at teaching, and yet in the end it was more about how well I did rather than what I taught, and again I've had to go back to understanding that it's not about me and my talents, but it's about God in me.

    I, too, prefer those comfortable places! And it's not as if it will never be comfortable, but it's so very true that when we're outside of our comfort zones, we have much more of an awareness of our dependence on God.

  3. I just re-read what I wrote and there was a typo in it. I meant to write "I can teach and speak with or without the help of the Holy Spirit."

    The difference for me is that I love to speak publicly. I guess I'm basically a ham. If I can be center stage, I love it and perform well with a lot of good jokes and stories that I can throw in. It's definitely a gift Father's given me and I can't really take any credit for it but I still like the praise. Maybe that's why I haven't been speaking anywhere lately.

    Writing, on the other hand, is a chore for me. I definitely know I'm blogging by the power of the Spirit because writing is not something I feel comfortable doing although my friend, Deb, has been telling me for some time that I'm a gifted writer.

    I think Father is very gracious to work through us in both types of places. If we're always uncomfortable, the stress level could get pretty high but he also wants us stretch some and trust him to enable us to do the things we think we can't do.


  4. Aida,

    I was about to say I'm the opposite of you, but really I think I'm 'in between.' :) I shy away from public speaking, but if I'm in the right mood I sometimes really dig it.

    This morning I 'had' to attend a diversity class at work, and some of us had to speak in front of the entire room (probably 60-80 people) at times. One of the questions that each table discussed was how diversity had affected each of us. Then, the one person at each table that had the 'best' diversity story was to share their story with the whole room. My story, which I won't get into right now, was hands down the most diverse story at my table. On the one hand I shied away from wanting to share it, but on the other hand, once I got over my fear of public speaking, I really enjoyed sharing my story and I think it actually helped set up the 'mood' of the entire 2 hour session.

    I'm "shy" but yet when I get the spotlight I love it, because it means I have a chance to share some of God's goodness with others. In the first few minutes that I had been with the people at my table (two of the people I knew, two of them I didn't know), somehow they figured out that "I" was the one who would be our table's speaker. :) I have that shyness about me, but yet I think that because of what God has revealed to me about being 'wild' and not tame, I have a hard time with wanting to be contained.

    I don't know if I'm making any sense at all here... LOL... but overall I think I'm just saying that through the uncomfortable situations in life, God has helped me to come out and be who I really am in Him. I think He really does work in and through our gifts and talents, but it's only really Him when we're surrendered and not relying on the flesh.

  5. "I have that shyness about me, but yet I think that because of what God has revealed to me about being 'wild' and not tame, I have a hard time with wanting to be contained."

    In the movie Duma, Xan's father told him that wildness was in Duma's blood and in his bones and it would come out when he was released into the wild.

    I think that's true of us too. Father has placed more abilities and gifts in us than we're aware of. As the layers of bondage are removed, I believe they'll begin to flow more freely. Although we may not feel comfortable using them, people will recognize those gifts just as the people at your table regognized that you were the one to speak.

    Great story, Joel. I think it shows how Father can work through us even at our weakest points.