Saturday, April 19, 2008

Missing the point!

Wow... I just spent a little time on the website of someone who invited me to be a Myspace friend, and all I could do was shudder as I looked up and down his site! His name is Michael, and he was formerly with a band called Barren Cross. He seems to be a nice enough person, but MAN does he miss the point when it comes to God's love and grace, and salvation!

According to his website, God's love is not unconditional. Also, you must not only trust in Jesus, but keeping the commandments is necessary for salvation. The things he says on his site, and his own answers to the questions he poses, are very much legalistic and are simply on the opposite end of the spectrum that I'm on. He uses a LOT of scripture, but MAN is it out of context!

For example, in answer to his own question, "IF A MAN HAS LIVED RIGHTEOUS, AND THEN IS IN SIN WHEN HE DIES, IS HE STILL “SAVED”?, he quotes from Ezekiel 33:13. “When I say to the righteous, that he shall surely live; if he trusts in the fact that he’s been righteous, and commits iniquity, ALL his righteousness shall NOT BE REMEMBERED; but for his iniquity that he has committed, he shall die for it.”

As far as I can tell, that's the final answer, as far as this guy is concerned. But that's not all. If you can stomach it, take a look at as many of his 17 questions and answers. And then thank God for the New Covenant and grace!

Anyway, I haven't even begun to mention all the things on this website. I'll just say that by quoting from the Old Covenant in order to make points about sin and salvation, and quoting New Testament scriptures out of context, he is missing the point of what life in Christ is about! I normally wouldn't spend much time at all with this, but this is just very obviously a great example of legalism at it's "best" and it's a great contrast to the gospel of God's unconditional love and grace.

The 17 questions are found on the bottom of the page here.


  1. I notice just about everyone opposed to the Grace of God accuse those who believe in the Grace of Jesus Christ of using it for licentiousness. The Bible makes it very clear about those who perverted the Grace of God into, "sin all you want because God's grace covers it!"

    I used to fear I was one of these people, but the Bible clearly points out that these people were not easily hidden. It talks of them being loud and boastful in what they do. They proclaimed it and lived it.

    Just because someone trusts in the Grace of God alone does not mean he is perverting the Grace of God which comes through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

    I think it was people like these whom Jesus told us to "Let them alone. They are blind guides." and "If the blind lead the blind, they will both fall into a pit."

  2. I meant to say people like these (as in the guy who runs the site). Those who boast in their keeping of the Law and those who believe they are a guide to the blind.

  3. Joel--Totally off the real subject of your post, but you just brought back memories for me. My cousin was in a Christian heavy metal band back in the 80's. I think they played with Barren Cross at least once. I haven't even thought about them in ages.

    Back closer to the point, Matthew has some great comments. There's a real fear that if you trust God's grace too much, you'll go straight into licentiousness. But that certainly hasn't been my experience. And I don't know anyone who fits that description.

    I find that the more I learn of God's grace, the more I want to serve Him. It's not about having the freedom to sin, it's being free to love God and to know He loves me. How anyone could know even a little of that love, and have more desire to sin, is beyond me.

  4. Joel,

    I am tired of this kind of stuff where people quote from old testament to establish the authority of the law, totally ignoring the significance of new covenant. Again, as I just said in one of Aida's post, the grace has to be revealed. It is not just the grace, but if we want to know anything from God, that has to be revealed.

    "No eye has seen,
    no ear has heard,
    no mind has conceived
    what God has prepared for those who love him"— but God has revealed it to us by his Spirit.

    You are right, he is absolutely missing the mark and we can only pray the Ephesians 1 prayer!

  5. Matthew,

    Good stuff. What you're talking about is one of the main objections I've heard from others when I've shared God's grace. It's almost as if a vacuum is right next to them. At first, it's not turned on. They're going about their usual business, talking about all the things they have to do as Christians, and then I step in and simply mention the word "grace," and the vacuum turns on and they're sucked right into "grace isn't a license to sin" mode!

    I'm not exaggerating. It's amazing how defensive people get! Especially when all you want is for them to be free.

  6. Richard,

    I barely remember Barren Cross. When I worked in Christian radio, we used to have a Saturday night rock show, and I know I heard them during that time, but I don't really remember them too well.

    And I agree, I think people are afraid of grace, in large part because they don't understand the fullness and power of it. Apart from Christ we can do nothing, and through Him we can live overcoming and conquering lives. It's all by grace, nothing more, nothing less. My hope and prayer is for the message of God's grace and unconditional love to be received, understood and appropriated by our brothers and sisters worldwide.

  7. Bino,

    That's really what got under my skin, so to speak, with this website. Soooo much mixing of the two covenants, with absolutely no line drawn to differentiate the two.

    And I fully agree with what you say. We can't make anyone believe the truth. We can speak the truth and teach the truth, but indeed it must be revealed by the Holy Spirit.

    Great reminder here on the Ephesians 1 prayer!