Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Google TiSP - FREE in-home broadband service!

Check out Google TiSP! FREE in-home wireless broadband service, with very little possibility of water damage.

Go with the flow. Stop throwing your money down the drain!


Make sure you check out the FAQ's and How TiSP Works.

We only have one bathroom in our house so I'm not yet sure if we'll sign up. Plus, it's still in BETA, and things can get very messy with BETA. But with their free in-commode delivery, that gives me something to sit and think about for a while.


  1. Ohh! JOEL! that was hilarious!!!

  2. Bino... from what I understand, Google pulls something like this every April Fool's Day. :)

  3. Ya, I figured that out! It is amazing that they made it look very real...
    In fact I forwarded that to some of my colleagues, and one of them came and asked me if it is really free!!! LOL :)

  4. Man! That's one thing I forgot to do... forward it to other people via email! That would've been a great prank. It does look so very real and serious, until you really start reading the actual words and actually think about what they're saying. :D