Saturday, March 08, 2008

The smooth power of my "Spirit"

A few weeks ago I posted some pics of all the snow we've had (and believe me, we've had plenty more since then!). A couple of the pics were of my driveway, from which I had removed a lot of snow, and Matthew asked how I had gotten it so neat.

Well, it's all because of the smooth power of my little Spirit snowblower! We've had this baby since the winter after we moved into our house in 1999. This was one of the most inexpensive snowblowers at the store. She's a little 4.5hp blower, and she's worked like a charm during all these years and she still keeps on tickin'. I really didn't think we'd get this many years of work out of her!

Looks like she wants to ask a question or something

"Look behind you... a snowman! Let's go have lunch!"

The "Spirit Snowthrower"


  1. We got nailed here and I was out with my neighbour blowing out the was well over the housing in most lanes...we took turns running while the other person knocked it down with a shovel. I think your pal here might be a little challenged up here...I can't imagine what futher east like Ottawa, MOntreal got.

    The up side it was dry and not a heavy wet spring dump...usually we are a week away from the robins and the tundra swans....I think they will be late this year.


  2. LOL ohhhh. See, I don't know about all this sort of stuff. We don't get much snow down here. She works like a charm, ey? lol

    I figured you just had master snow shoveling skills from livin' up north haha.

  3. Alvin... It might take my baby a little more time, but I seriously think she could do it. :)

    Yeah there's a HUGE difference between the wet, heavy snow and the light fluffy stuff.

    Matthew... I suppose I'd get much more of a workout if I used a shovel, but as long as I gots my "Spirit" it's much more restful work!

  4. LOL! It does look like Spirit wants to ask a question! LOL! What is the Spirit asking you?! Just kidding!

    Have fun with that Joel, we get enough snow here that I am sure Spirit would come in real handy...

    In Freedom, Nicole!

  5. Good comment Nic - I guess this is an example when you would not want to 'walk in the Spirit'...might take a toe or boot!

  6. I wonder if the 'Spirit' is asking: "Why are you pushing me around all the time Joel?" (ROFL)

    I know it is not quite 6 am and need another coffee.

  7. All right... you guys are finding more in this than is necessary... :-D ... and I'm having a lot of fun with it! That "walk in the Spirit" line was a good one. Might take a toe or boot! Hehehe!

  8. One more:

    If you are lead by the 'Spirit' in the winter what do you rely on the rest of the year...rofl...sorry, no not really, okay, maybe a lttle...

  9. Well let's see... we have two lawn mowers, one is called the "Weed Eater" the other one is the "Grasshopper." However, since it's my wife who does most of the mowing, I guess that leads to me... resting. :)