Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Don't click on bad links

Hey all,

During the past few days I've had a couple of different comments on my blog from people with names I don't recognize, and these comments include links that say things like "see here" or something like that. Don't click on these links or on the person's profile!

I've also had comments in the past that say things like, "I love your blog, blah blah, come check this out."

These links will lead you to very bad sites, and you will very likely end up with spyware or trojans or viruses or other nasty things on your computer.

If you see these on my blog before I'm able to delete them, please don't click. And I've also seen them on other blogs lately, so be careful where you click!


  1. Joel!

    Right before you posted a 'don't click' message on Kent's blog, I clicked on the "SEE HERE", and my computer warned me if I continued it would erase a lot of my documents, so I immediately got out of it! Thank GOD for the warning! Thank you for putting up that warning as well! It will help me to remember not to click just anything! Oh and this morning my laptop was acting up and so I thought that it got a taste of a virus, but now it is acting normal again! Lets pray that it is okay, its my only source to the internet right now!

    In Freedom, Nicole!

  2. Hey Nicole! Make sure you run antivirus and anti spyware software to make sure you're rid of anything bad (if you haven't done so already). When I clicked on a bad link the other day, it started to do exactly the same thing as what happened to you, but I pulled the plug on my computer within 2 or 3 seconds so no bad software got installed. However, after I started my computer up again, I ran AVG Anti-Spyware and it showed that there was a trojan on my computer. The link must have been able to start putting bad files on my computer, but wasn't able to actually finish what it started since I shut it down so quickly.

    It's very possible that even if you clicked cancel, or no matter what you clicked to get out of it, it still went ahead and installed bad things on your computer. I'm not saying that did happen, but it's quite possible.

    The warning that it would erase documents was probably a cover-up by the bad software to make people think all is well, when in fact it's very possible that they've put spyware or malware on your computer.

    All that to say... make sure you run antivirus and anti spyware software. :)

  3. Thanks for the red flag...I get so tired of the endless perverted mazes that ever prominent...and are easily fallen it to...gotta love depravity...