Sunday, February 03, 2008

What's everyone been doing this Sunday evening? (Yawn)

So it's like 10:10pm CST on Sunday evening, and I've been sitting here for a few hours doing our taxes. Oh boy has this been fun can you just feel the excitement in my monotone voice. Anyway, there was some football game or something on in the background that ended about 45 minutes ago or so. Something weird... I have almost 50 blogs that I keep track of in my feed reader. I was worried that while I was doing my taxes, my feed reader, which normally shows me at least 3 or 4 times every half hour that someone has posted a new blog, would distract me from my task at hand. But in the past 4 or 5 hours, NONE OF THE BLOGS HAVE BEEN UPDATED.

Hmmmm.... I just don't get it. What has everyone else been doing this evening? Surely not doing their taxes like me???


  1. Joel--

    As for me, I had planned NOT to watch that football game you referenced tonight, since I am still mourning the fact that there weren't going to be any green & gold jerseys on the field. However, my husband had the game on so I did watch--- for the commercials. However, I did multi-task through it. I have this laundry basket that I throw all the mis-matched socks into after each load of laundry. So I pulled it out and counted how many matches I could make (32!). Taxes don't seem too boring now, do they?

    Kathy J

  2. My two oldest grandchidren have discovered football and wanted to come over to watch the game with us since we have a wide screen TV. So, my daughter and her entire family (her hubby and their four children) came over. We ate dinner and then watched the game.

    Since the children had to go to bed, everyone left at about 8:30. I made it to about 9:00 and since I've got cold symptoms and felt lousy, I went to bed. At this point, I still don't know who won the game but it sounds like everyone had a really exciting Sunday evening.

    Those blogs can be addictive can't they? I don't read as many as you do but what I do read, keeps me busy enough. I just love to read what Father has put on everyone's heart to share with us and I want to read it right away. It's all good.


  3. I told everyone the first year that I would go for the Patriots, they would lose. And guess what...

  4. Kathy,

    Now that's a lot of socks! I'm generally the laundry person around our house, and I have a little shoe box that I keep the mismatched socks in. I usually keep up with the current mismatched ones each time I fold clothes, so I don't have a whole lot of socks that I need to match up each time.

    However, with each family member contributing, there must be at least 20 individual socks in the box (with a fox by the docks) that are doomed to be in there in perpetuity if I don't just give in to the truth that they're never going to find their matches! But yet I've had this single sock collection for a long time, and I've gotten rather used to it. I can't just throw them away! I'll just put it in my will that I want to be buried with them.

  5. Daelon, that must mean you're a prophet. :)


    Here a blog, there a blog, everywhere a blog blog. I don't know how, but somehow I've managed to collect almost 50 blogs in my feed reader. My feed reader makes it easy to manage them and I suppose that's why I've got so many.

    But with so many blogs to keep up with, it can be overkill sometimes. Fortunately, many of them are either blogs that don't get updated all that often, or blogs that I'm only slightly interested in. When those blogs get updated, I just skim them over unless something really sticks out to me.

    There are also many blogs that I truly enjoy reading, many of which I have links to on my blog... which reminds me I need to get that list updated! There's this new blog called "Forgetting the Former Things," and now that I mention it, I think I'm being gently persuaded to let go of all my single socks (see previous comment). LOL :)

  6. Joel--

    Yes, it's alot of socks, but I'm doing laundry for seven, so even if each person has only one 'leftover' each time, it adds up. It might be better to be buried with your sock collection, than buried under it!!!

    Why IS it so hard to part with the socks we know are permanently 'single'? My daughter's 'Spongebob' sock for instance, isn't going to fit her anymore, even if his match ever does come back from wherever socks go vacationing. Yet, everytime I go 'match-making', there it is, but I just can't bring myself to just toss it. Maybe I'm sentimental, maybe I'm cautious, maybe tossing it signifies failure on my part. Or maybe it's a little sermon in hope. I want a happy ending, and if I toss it, how do I explain to his 'sole-mate', should she return, that her partner now resides in a landmine somewhere?

    I'm sure there's a life lesson in that box of socks somewhere. Maybe you can blog about it someday:).

    Kathy J

  7. Well, Joel, that's a lot of blogs. I only have four in my feeder reader but I do look at a few more. I can't figure out how to get your blog or Assembling the Church in my feeder reader otherwise I would have more.

    That's right. Don't forget to add Forgetting the Former Things to your links.

    I've often wondered what happens to the missing member of a sock pair. Do you suppose there's a special land where they go and live happily ever after?

  8. Kathy,

    I'm only doing laundry for 4 so I don't have to deal with so many leftovers. Hey... WE have a single Spongebob sock! Only it's for my son, not my daughter so I don't know if yours and mine would match. It, too, is too small by now, so I think I'm just gonna hafta send it off to the Bikini Bottom graveyard.


    If there is a place where those missing socks to, they apparently make it a big secret. Maybe socks have their own sort of "rapture." The Bible does say that there will be two in one bed, and one will be taken and the other will be left.

    Maybe we're missing part of the picture. Maybe the socks disappear before they even hit the round cleansing machine.

    In fact... Kathy, you said maybe I could blog about it. Well, I'll just comment about it for now because I've just come up with a new theory and I want to test the waters, so to speak. MAYBE the socks that get raptured are the socks that have accepted the truth that once cleansed, always cleansed, and the socks that want to keep being washed are the religious socks who think they need to be cleansed over and over again.