Tuesday, February 19, 2008

"Snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow..."

"...in the bleak midwinter, not so long ago..." :)

They say that on average we've had a major snow or ice storm once per week this winter since December 1. I don't believe them. It has to have been at least TWO per week! :)

And we're not just talking about a little snowfall here and a little there. These have been major systems that have moved in and out, seemingly constantly. Each time I keep thinking that I don't know where I'll be able to put the snow the next time I have to clear our driveway!

The view up my street

The view down my driveway

Part of my driveway and front porch area


  1. Grawt snaps.

    On the upside the snow is needed to keep your wells full and fish swiming.

    Yup we seem to have had more snow than recent years. May God bless Texas!

  2. how did you get it so neat? you must have had lots of practice lol.

  3. Fun! I love snow, because I don't usually have to be the one to 'shovel' it! Last year, right before Christmas we got about 3 feet of snow in one day. It was amazing. I never had seen anything like it! It was fun to experience, call me crazy! We had large walls of snow on each side of our drive way it was like a tunnel! Way cool!

    In Freedom, Nicole!

  4. Beautiful pictures but I'm glad all that snow is in Iowa and not here in S. C. We've been averaging temperatures of about 60 degrees. Today was windy so that made it cold.

    Over the week-end we had springlike weather so we took my grandson to the park in the afternoon and didn't have to wear jackets.


  5. gee-thanks Aida!
    we drove the eskimoo dogs till they dropped today!!!! (giggle)

  6. Yeah, it's been beautiful here in SC the past few days. Today was quite windy, but I love the wind. The sky was clear and the clouds were beautiful.

    I'm definitely not looking forward to summer though. Brace yourself for the humidity.

  7. We had a fire drill at school today and it was cold standing out there in the wind. I couldn't wait to get back in the building.

    Walking church, sounds to me like you're not having springlike weather in Canada.

    Matthew is right. You'll be rubbing it in when summer comes and it gets really miserable down here. I assume the weather will be much more tolerable in Iowa and in Canada.


  8. Joel--

    I feel your pain. We live 20 miles east of Madison, and we've had record snowfall this year. We just had a big ice/snow storm again this past weekend. And the temps are freezing, so the ice on the roads won't melt, even with salt. Driving is risky, and everyone is just sick, sick, sick of it!!!! It's hard to get around, too, because at the intersections, the piles of plowed snow are so high and wide you can hardly see around them.

    I'm a wee bit jealous of that S.C. weather!!!

    Kathy J

  9. send some of that snow my way, we haven't had any snow stay on the ground for more than a few hours!!!

  10. Wow. Sounds like a completely different world up there. Some of our trees are already blooming.

    Today the cold weather came back though.

  11. Lydia Joy--

    If only there were a way to send it to you!! Where to put it all has become a big issue. My husband works at a lumber yard, and they've had to haul dump truck loads of piled-up snow away just to make room for more!!

    For all my complaining,the snow really can be pretty.


    Ahhh-- budding trees... I just keep telling myself spring is right around the corner.

    It's pretty cold here, too-- -1 degree with a -17 wind chill factor.

    Kathy J

  12. Compared to that, we're having quite a nice day lol. By cold here I meant around mid 40's.

    I too love spring, but summer is just too rough down here.

  13. Hi Joel;

    The snow looks beautiful!

    Its great that its there and not here! LOL

  14. Hey Joel,

    You beat Michigan! So far we had 4-5 big snow storms unlike last year which was probably 2-3. It's like snow everywhere! Except the mess on the road I like everything about snow. I wish they close down my office on big snowy days like they close the schools. But my office is ALWAYS open!!!

  15. Haha! You are all funny. :) I'm finally getting around to getting caught up with the comments here and I have to say that I don't think I can stand another minute of anyone saying "cold" and 60º (or even 40º) in the same sentence! It's -3º right now as I'm typing this! (A commenter on my myspace blog said that I should bring up the temperature if I really wanted to make people feel sorry for me. :)

    I agree with everyone that the snow is quite a sight to see. I really love that aspect of it. Also... I really do have to say - I'm still not sick of this stuff! The "hard" part (for me) is, as I said, trying to figure out where I'm going to put all the snow next time. Also... as you all know, I drive for a living, and sometimes it can be a bit hairy, but I do enjoy the "adventure." :) However a week or two ago it was so icy that my van began sliding off the road twice within a few minutes, as I was going fairly slow, and I can do without that!

    Another slight inconvenience is that they've already closed school at least five times (probably more), so I've had to use up some paid leave to be home with the kids.

    Anyway... spring will be here soon, but everyone around here is kind of hoping spring doesn't come too fast! The reason is because there is so much snow, and if it melts too fast, we're going to be dealing with a lot of flooding! River areas tend to have a lot of flooding during a "normal" year, so it's hard to imagine what this year will be like!