Monday, February 04, 2008

Law or Love?

From my notes from 9/21/01:

Which is better?
To put a person in reins and hold the reins tightly to keep them from moving to the left or right - OR to let the person live in freedom, make mistakes, and eventually (possibly, but with no guarantee) learn of God's unconditional love and begin to love God and others, so their freedom keeps them walking a straight line?

So why do we try to control people with reins??? (Rules, Regulations, Laws, etc).

Which is better?
Bondage, fear and guilt - OR love.

The possibility that others will make mistakes or using grace as a license to sin will always be a legitimate concern - but it should never be used as a reason or excuse to refrain from preaching and teaching the pure gospel of grace.


  1. Hey Joel,

    Good Topic. I always find it funny when people think they have the right to control or manipulate others to (follow God) or they think its their (job) to push brothers and sisters around and some don't even realize that Father doesn't force or manipulate any of us to move closer to him. He allows us to move foward in our own time and never puts pressure on us to love him. He has given us the freedom to be ourselves and go as slow or fast as we want to move closer to him even if his desire is for us.

    In Freedom, Nicole!

  2. Hi Nicole,

    That's the truth about love. Love isn't manipulative or pushy. It isn't demanding and it doesn't make you conform. It draws you in through kindness and through patience, and through seeking to show you how valuable you are and what worth you have. The law simply doesn't have any of the power that love has. :)

  3. Which is better? Love. Which is easier? Control!! Freedom is scary.

  4. Ain't that the truth! It's so much easier to tell people what to do (or to be told what to do) in order to keep them in line. Allowing for freedom is indeed a scary thing for people to even begin to contemplate, especially when they've been trained so well in da rules. Father, let us walk in your freedom and allow others to.

  5. Amen, ya'll!
    Why are people so afraid of grace.....I think I get it, they want control, but I have had both, and free is better! now I am afraid of law, control, conformity.....bondage!