Monday, February 25, 2008

Larry Norman, 4/8/47 - 2/24/08

The "Grandfather of Christian Rock," Larry Norman, left his earthsuit early yesterday morning. He had had various health issues during the past few years, and I guess it was time to pack it up and move on to better things...

I think he was a great representative of someone who truly believed that "to live is Christ and to die is gain."

We saw him in concert probably about a decade ago. He was not a "rock star." He was himself! I posted a video of his a few months back (Why Should the Devil Have All the Good Music). I really just meant to post the video, but as I was introducing it I guess I went on a short rant about the "Christian" and "Secular" music labels. :)


  1. Joel,

    It truly is sad. He was one of a kind. I first discovered him in 1972, as a student d.j. on a university radio station. I think I played just about every song on "Upon this Rock." I had just become a Christian and was excited to share my new-found faith.


  2. I didn't get into the Christian music scene until around 1992 or 1993, and at the time it was mostly the 'inspirational' format of our local FM station that I listened to. Then in 1994 I became a DJ at a different local Christian Hit station - long story. I really had no clue about the history of Christian music, Jesus music, or anything like that, but I do know that we played a LOT of Larry Norman! It was all on record albums. (We did play CD's but most of the older music, such as Larry Norman, was still on vinyl).

    I became a fan right away. I haven't kept up with him in recent years, but I did know that his health had been declining. Anyway, I know that over the years a lot of artists have had some sort of relationship with him - for better or for worse - and I think he'll truly be missed.