Thursday, January 24, 2008

Waaay below zero

This time of the year, by default I look at my local news channel's website every morning to see if school has been canceled or delayed, whether or not I see snow on the ground outside. The reason is - mornings like this morning. There is a two hour school delay today, not due to snow but due to the extreeeeeme cold. When my wife went out to start her van this morning, the temp was -22! Yep, for all you non-midwesterners, that's a minus sign in front of the 22. :) By the time I snagged this image of the temperature, it was -17. You could really feel the difference, too. Instead of your skin freezing in 5 seconds, it took 7.

The good news is that the winds are supposed to shift east tonight, beginning a warming trend that will bring us into the 20's (+20's) tomorrow. Can you say HEATWAVE!!!


  1. Joel--

    Well, I just feel like a big wimp now, complaining when it's only -9 up here. By Sunday, we're supposed to be in the low thirties. We're thinking of grilling out!! :)

    Kathy J

  2. Yep, it's two hours later now, and it's "warmed up" to -14. Break out the sun tan lotion! :)

  3. Hope you got some sunscreen! That sounds like a scorcher! lol

    It's suppose to be 58 degrees one day this week down here.

  4. Daelon, my dear friend,

    I say this with all love and grace:

    "Shut up!"

    LOL :)

  5. Tsk tsk tsk. Envy is of the flesh.

  6. Hey, but my flesh envied in a nice and graceful way. ;)

  7. Hi Joel;

    Fahrenheit is such a cute little measuring system

    -17 Fahrenheit = -27 Celsius

    Does that now seem instantly colder!


    Shorts and T-shirts here in Canada!

    Actually in Vancouver right now it is +5 Celsius

  8. I'm in S. C. and I was cold tonight too. I came home from work and changed into a heavier jacket when I went back out. It was about 45 degrees but with the wind it seemed much colder.

    I guess my body has changed a lot since my days in N. J. when I used to wander around in sub-zero degree temperatures and didn't think anything about it.


  9. Hey Aida,

    I've been meaning to ask you, where about in South Carolina do you live?

    Sorry for using your comments as a forum, Joel. ;)

  10. Matthew, I live in Florence. It's in the Pee Dee area.


  11. Oh, thats cool. I had some family that used to live around that area. I was just curious. :)

  12. LS,

    After I wrote, "for all you non-midwesterners, that's a minus sign in front of the 22," I realized that I should have added "and non-Canadians," because I know you guys know all about the cold. :) However, I didn't realize it was so "warm" where you are. So... Phhlllttt. LOL

    Seriously though, I'm glad it's warmer for everyone else (wherever you are all at), and Daelon it's no problem that all y'all are rubbing it all in, oh, I mean having a conversation here. :D

    And truly, I know I'm crazy and I'm pretty sure I've said this before on my blog - but I really love this weather! I really do! I parked my car in my garage this evening and I 'crunched' from the garage to the house, and if not for being hungry for supper I kind of felt like staying outside and just walking in the packed snow and breathing in the cold air! I'm really not tired of all this yet. :)

  13. Joel--

    Funny you should mention the 'crunching'. This afternoon, I was walking from the car to the house, and the sound of the snow crunching under my feet was like nails on a chalkboard to me. Makes me shiver right now to think of it.

    The one thing I do enjoy in this cold and snow is crawling into bed at night, under a pile of blankets and comforters, and hearing the wind blow outside. Makes me feel snug, and 'tucked in'. I always seem to sleep better.

    Kathy J

  14. Hey Joel et al….

    This is hilarious!

    What a genius!

    Joel writes a short article about the weather and it becomes conversation central! LOL

    Great idea Joel I think I will use this one myself… LOL

    Vancouver may be warmer than there but right now I would like to be in the South Pacific!

    It is actually a bit cool here for us, but the nice thing is since it is cold we have a reprieve form the constant rain and overcast skies…

  15. LOL... far from being a great idea, I was simply trying to get people to feel sorry for me for having to deal with all this cold weather. Ha ha! :) But then I go and give myself away and admit that I really do like this stuff!


    I don't know what it is but there's something about that crunch that I really dig. But I'm definitely with you on that snug, tucked in feeling. I do rather like the summer when sometimes a sheet isn't even necessary, and I have the "white noise" from a fan gently blowing, but yet I agree that there's really something about the cold weather and flannel sheets and a nice comforter that makes things very cozy. :)

    But yeah, I'd go for LS's idea of the South Pacific any day!

  16. Joel--

    My teenage daughters are 'addicted' to the white noise thing and have to have a fan blowing in their rooms all year long. We have a small house and a large family (six kids, five still living here), so the white noise does help drown out other sounds when you need sleep.

    My husband thinks a fan in the winter is craziness. He grew up in an old farmhouse, their only source of heat a wood-burning stove, the benefits of which did not reach the upstairs bedrooms. He complains (brags?) that if you left a glass of water on your nightsand, by morning it would have iced over. Talk about savoring the pile-of-blankets-tucked-in-feeling!!!

    Anyway---It's snowing again!!! Predictions are for three more inches by morning. If I see any groundhogs, I'm gonna slip 'em a twenty to NOT see their shadow this year.:) Glad you like this weather Joel, but you've had your fun. Time for spring.

    Kathy J

  17. Hey Joel,

    Do you guys have very humid summers in Iowa? I despise summer for that very reason down here. One night this past summer we came out of the theater at around 10:00 PM and it was still above 90 degrees outside and HUMID. It honestly felt like there was a huge outdoor furnace. Even the wind was hot air, so rolling down the windows didn't help.

  18. Hi Joel;

    I thought I would pass along that we have a snow warning here in Vancouver, some areas may get 5cm (2”) on Saturday and probably another 5cm spread over the next few days after that. The temp is going to dip too just under 2c (28 f)

    It is a good it will be on the weekend or general panic would set in. Many here don’t know how to drive in the snow since most years we get little or none. However this winter we have had a few days of snow, a few days too many!!!!

    I used to live in the Canadian Rockies where we would get 23-34 feet of snow a winter…

    Have you considered starting a weather blog?

  19. Kathy,

    I guess I'm like your kids, and the opposite of your husband in this respect, although I haven't had to deal with what your husband has had to deal with. :) If it were not for my wife, who gets cold much easier than I do, I would have a fan running all year long too!


    Sometimes in the summer we practically have to swim through the air to get from here to there! The past couple of summers haven't been too bad, which has been good because both my '89 Dodge Colt and my '92 Eagle Summit (once destined for the junk yard but now mercifully waiting in a mechanic-friend's yard to be hopefully resurrected) have no air conditioning. Well, they have it, but it doesn't work. So yeah, they don't have it. :) You're so right... on those high humidity days, rolling the windows down only serves to make it harder to breathe!


    We're in sort of a 'warming trend' (LOL) right now, with highs expected of 28, 35, 42ºF (-2, 2, 5ºC) today, tomorrow and Monday. Then it's back down to the 20's the rest of the week. It's funny how we in the U.S. think of all of Canada as the "Great White North," thinking that it's always cold and snowy, but yet you've got such a vast expanse of land that I suppose covers all kinds of climates.