Monday, December 03, 2007

The Grace To Wait - Charles Stanley

The Lord has really been impressing all this "waiting," "resting," "slow cooking," etc, stuff on me lately. I hope I'm not wearing anyone out with all this, but it's really a message that seems to have a lot of talk in the busy Christian world, but not much action. And the ironic thing is that the "action" part means resting and waiting! Of course I'm not talking about an inactive Christian life. Not that I need to qualify this with most of you, but I'm talking about the 'process' of growing in grace, growing in maturity, and in the unfolding, developing and fulfilling of God's plans in our lives.

I heard a really great message from Charles Stanley yesterday as I drove on my job yesterday (still icy in many places, but much better driving conditions than Saturday!).

The Grace To Wait (mp3 file)

I heard so many great things in this message that I wanted to share it. For example, Stanley talks about David being very young when he was told he would be the king of Israel, but many years passed and he went through many, many experiences before any of this came to pass.

Other examples that I've heard recently - and I can't remember if these examples were in this message or in other messages - include Abraham in his old age being told by God that he would have a child... and he and Sarah grew even older before it actually happened! Also, Noah, building the ark. This took years and years, all the while seeing no rain.

Ahhh... to just enjoy the Lord and to walk with Him day by day, trusting that He is faithful.

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