Monday, November 26, 2007

What reader do y'all use?

I have an 'off topic' question for those who read many different blogs. Which "feed reader" do you use, or in what way do you keep updated on all the blogs you read? I currently use the Firefox browser, and it makes it easy to subscribe to feeds. My feeds appear right there on the "Bookmarks Toolbar" near the top of the browser. I just move my mouse across the toolbar and I can quickly see which blogs have new feeds. However, my problem is that even though I've edited each feed by abbreviating the feed's name (for example, Grace Roots = GR), I only have room on the toolbar for about 20 feeds.

I'm just wondering if anyone uses a specific feed reader that makes it convenient to browse all your feeds? I'm sure your answers might be helpful to others as well.


  1. Hey there Joel. I use Google Reader as well. It works but I'm always open to new and better ways so it will be interesting to see who else responds.

  2. Hi Joel;

    I “use” feedburner and Google…but I put “use” in quotes because I primarily do not use readers, I prefer the “whole experience” of going directly to the blog.

    By the way did you find the little “gift” I left you in my current “Graffiti” article “The Faces of December”?


  3. I'm not fond of readers either. I do it the old fashioned way by using my bookmarks tab. =)

    I do use firefox instead of IE though. It runs a lot smoother for me.

  4. Hello there 'nox,' 'she,' 'ls' and 'mat!' (Those are the abbreviations I use for your blogs on my Firefox bookmarks toolbar. :)

    I had forgotten about Google Reader. A while back I added a few blogs to it and I forgot all about it, so I've been experimenting with it some more today. I also downloaded and set up Newzcrawler, which I found on a "Top Ten" list of feed readers, only to find that it's an evaluation version and actually costs $25. I then downloaded and set up Feedreader. It seems very simple and easy to use.

    I like that both Google Reader and Feedreader can import and export your feeds, so it was easy to import my Google feeds into Feedreader.

    All of that said... I'm like you LS and Matthew, I much prefer going to the actual blogs. Using the readers, you can't see comments and you can't leave comments. However you can click on the links and go directly to the blogs.

    I guess I'll play around with all this for a little while and see what I really end up liking. Thanks all for your input! (And if anyone has any more input, feel free to speak up).

    Oh yeah, LS, I read your 'December' article and I admit I really didn't "get" it at first, although I did catch the Iowa links. :)

  5. I still "go to blogs" even though I use Google Reader. But, I now know that there is a new post before I go to the blog.

  6. Alan, so far I'm finding this to be a very convenient way to keep up on blogs. I have two monitors on my computer (used to have 3, but that was overkill ;), and I have Feedreader (overall, very similar in appearance to Google Reader) open on my left monitor. I click the link of a post, and the blog opens in my browser on my right monitor. I think I will get used to this very quickly.

  7. I find the set up of being able to have e-mails when certain blogs (like yours) are updated. Though it's a bit useless for me, because I'm constantly checking blogs, forums and that sort of thing.

    And now I'm taking the rest of this semesters GED classes online, so I can read and work!

    I think I've worn out your "Grace Roots" tab in my bookmarks. If on your google analytics you have 10,000 visits a day from someone and usually stays there for hours, thats me. lol. I usually leave my computer on all the time and forget to close windows. hehe

  8. I use RSS Reader and Google Reader. I don't really like either of them very well, though.


  9. Matt,

    Yeah, I'm always checking out blogs and stuff too. I've been looking for a quick and convenient way to keep up with all of them, but up till now I haven't used a reader.

    I do like email updates too. I'm also liking blogger's new feature where you can subscribe to comments, so you can keep better track of conversations.

  10. James,

    I've heard of RSS Reader. I think it's something I found while searching for the phrase "feed readers." I may try it out, just to see what it's like. So far, since posting this, I've mainly tried Feedreader 3.11 and Google Reader. I might post an update sooner or later, after I've tried some of these things for a short while.