Friday, November 30, 2007

Slow cooker or Microwave?

Alan Knox over at The Assembling of the Church posted an article yesterday that really resonates with me. In "Slow cooker or Microwave?" he quotes from an article by Wayne Jacobsen. It essentially has to do with growing in maturity and bearing fruit over the long haul and not overnight. This really has a lot to do with what "Grace Roots" means to me, at least at this point in life. Digging our roots deep into Jesus, drawing up nutrition from Him, gazing into God's eyes, and being His workmanship, in His timing, as He's faithful to do the work He wants to do in and through us. How many times do we needlessly worry or fret, or become frustrated with ourselves or even with God because we don't see the fruit or the results we expect? No need to fret or worry when the God of all creation is at the helm!

I've posted similar or related articles in the past, even recently. Here are a few examples if you're interested:

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