Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Clarification on last post...

I posted a video from the band Extreme in my last post. I know most of you "get" me on this, as it's been discussed here and on some of your blogs at various other times, but since there may be people new to this blog who don't know where I'm coming from, I just wanted to make it clear that I'm not lifting up the band Extreme as a source of great spiritual enlightenment or truth. :) I like the type of music that they had on their albums, and I listen to some of their old stuff occasionally but I definitely would not recommend their music to anyone looking for solid truth in the lyrics. God happened to use one song in particular (Hole Hearted) in my life, and despite the rest of the lyrical content in their other songs, this song really shines.


  1. To be honest, I didn't remember the band Extreme, nor can I recall ever having heard "Hole Hearted." I googled "Extreme" and the bells started going off in my brain. I do remember one of their other songs, "More Than Words." I remember liking it a lot. I also remember that the guitarist in the video was wearing finger nail polish. Funny the things you remember when you stir up the cranial sludge.

  2. LOL... yep it is funny when you start going back in time. It's crazy, the things that come to your memory.

    I was a huge Extreme fan, along with many of my friends. Hole Hearted (with it's light "country" flavor) and More Than Words (pop ballad) were definitely in a small minority. Most of the rest of their music wasn't quite so tame.

    They did have a very nice pro-life song called Rock a Bye Bye, that wasn't "in your face," but got the point across. And perhaps they were truly seeking for Truth. Some of their songs are honest questions but some are just plain cynical.

    One of their songs, while not mentioning the name Jesus, describes Him on the cross. It says:

    He took the blame from me
    So shall it be written
    So shall it be told

    Watching, waiting, staring at the Son
    Not even knowing who you are

    Three hours have gone by
    We start to question why
    Darkness falls in finding out
    Why you must die
    We can no longer see the Son
    The three unite into one
    Please forgive us Father
    We know not what we've done

    Some other songs on the very same tape include some of the raunchy ones I mentioned that I won't describe here...

    When I came to the Lord in 1992 I prayed for the band a lot. I don't really know what they've been up to these days.

    Gary Cherone, the lead singer, did a short stint as the lead singer of Van Halen several years ago after Sammy Hagar left, but that's all I know.